the polar vortex and other stuff


According to this post, the polar vortex (or something similar) is returning later this month. Not that there will be snow, but they’re predicting a 10 to 20 degree drop in temperature. We’re being forecast a temperature of 78°F next Tuesday and if it happens, it’ll be a nice break from the 90s of this week. It was cloudy here yesterday which kept the temperature down a bit. The lawn guy didn’t die of heatstroke and my drive to Springfield was fairly pleasant.

I went to my surgeon’s office yesterday. Started with Wendy, my favorite encouraging nurse practitioner. Even when I’m in tears because this is my failure, she insists I haven’t failed. The band has failed and they aren’t even doing lap-band surgery there anymore. It was thought that it would help stop over-eating but it never worked that way. And it prevents you from eating good, healthy foods. I still can’t eat most raw vegetables. Lap-band proponents are now saying that it might decrease appetite, which has never really been my issue. I’m having reflux again which is a sign of a too-tight band. Wendy says that even with the weight gain, my band ought not to be too tight. So I guess that’s the band’s fault.

They’re removing a lot of bands, even more so than when I was last in there with the port flip. And apparently mine needs to come out, too. Whether or not I decide to go ahead with any additional surgery, the band is scheduled to come out August 11th. If I can find someone to drive me. Always an issue down here. I’m hoping my neighbor will, but her dad has been sick so I’m not sure whether that will work.

I have mixed feelings. Of course. Part of me wants to just wait until the band causes more trouble to spend money to take it out. As far as we can tell, it’s not infiltrating my stomach wall. That’d be a really bad thing, however. Probably better to get it out now.

Maybe the polar votrex will be here by then and make recovery a bit more comfortable.


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  1. The return of the polar vortex? That’s amazing. Although if it brings down the temps, I’m all for it.

    I didn’t know anything about the now-it’s-no-good lap band. Getting it out will be a hassle, no doubt. But if that’s what you need to do, then I’m sure you’ll find a way to make it happen. What a bother.


    1. Apparently your neck of the woods is supposed to get more of it than mine. I may have to come vacation with you!

      Getting the band out is really pretty simple and would be outpatient if not for the requirement my insurance has to stay in the hospital over night. It’s the driver that’s a problem. We will work it out. Probably.


      1. I agree with the driver thing. I have run into the same problem. It is hard enough fighting your personal medical demons just to have those who are supposed to help you add their own demons to the problem like having to have a driver for almost everything they do to you. I walked into the administrative offices of the hospital right into a large conference and voiced my complaint to the two people who came out to listen to me. Of course nothing was done except for sharing platitudes that mean nothing. Kind of like just because it has not happened before doesn’t mean it can’t happen this time and being as polite as I could be said that was no help when what I wanted to say was yes that is true but I could have a heart attack here in the hospital that you wouldn’t be able to do anything about even though it had never happen before. I suspect a lot of this is our sue happy society. Be well Sweets and I hope all turns out for the best.


        1. Well to be fair, driving after surgery is probably not a great idea. 🙂 But many of the other things they insist on a driver for are just silly. It does seem like they enjoy adding stress – currently this hospital wants co-pay ahead of time. No more payment plan.


  2. Can you send us some Polar Vortex PLEASE? It is hard to deal with 90s and no central A/C. I think you should get it out, so you can recover faster. It sounds like it has all sorts of nasty side effects!!


    1. I remember living without central AC – but I had a small house and I set up a series of fans to move the air around. I’d vote for you sleeping downstairs until things cool down. I hope it passes soon.


  3. Well, sooner than later seems like a good plan to me. Did they talk about other options?

    I know a lot of people have success with the gastric bypass – I personally know several people who have had it done and had a huge weight loss which they have been able to maintain – on the other hand it is not reversible and is a big deal as far as what they are doing. – not sure how possible or useful it would be to do that for you, or whether it might work for you.. :/

    I’ve got to agree with Wendy – it is clearly not your fault. They’ve had a lot of issues with this product. Maybe once you get it out and you can eat those healthier foods like raw veg, you might be better off.

    If I lived nearby I would drive you.. sadly I am a long long way away!


    1. My friend Pug would be happy to drive me, too. He lives in Canberra. I’m pretty sure I have friends slightly less far away that would, too. It’s the locals I’m not sure about. 🙂

      Everyone here seems in favor of the sleeve. It has less potential complications. I don’t know. I guess I have 4-8 months to decide.


  4. I’m not commenting on the polar vortex (although it’s a fascinating topic), and I’m not commenting on your band removal dilemma (although it’s a way more serious and important topic), but I just have to report that I think about you so often that it’s become almost obsessive thinking. I started reading a book called “Why Diets Fail” because of you. I really, really want to offer useful suggestions about your health but I have none. I also think about your father a lot, and although I’m sorry his quality of life is so poor, his treatment of you angers me. Blogs are very interesting places. They allow readers to know the most intimate things about total strangers, and sometimes those strangers start becoming a part of your life. I’m looking forward to hearing what you decide to do about the band, and I would love to hear that you no longer think of yourself as “fat and disgusting.”


    1. Thank you Pam. There aren’t easy answers – including surgery. I think most of us who are seriously overweight want to lose weight and be healthier, but the odds are against us. The numbers vary a bit but researchers keep finding that nearly everyone who loses a bunch of weight gains it back. I’m less unrealistic than I used to be. I don’t have to get skinny, I just want to lose enough to feel better and be able to get around more easily.

      No one is all good or all bad, including my dad. He had his good parts. My oldest brother remembers the most of the bad stuff. My younger (than my older) brother has blocked out most of our childhood. I guess I’m somewhere in between.


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