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zoobilee zoo

The past few days, I’ve had the theme song from Zoobliee Zoo stuck in my head. I assure you, I haven’t heard this song in a long, long time. I get when you hear a song almost subconsciously in a commercial or a tv show or something and it turns into an earwig, but where did this come from?

What songs stick in your head? When Johnny Comes Marching Home again is another song that periodically pops up as an earwig that I don’t think I’m likely to have actually heard.


5 thoughts on “zoobilee zaz”

  1. I’ve never heard of or seen the Zoobilee Zoo. Were they a thing? If so, when & where? And in a precautionary move, I’m not going to listen to the video because I fear for my sanity.


    1. Liiisssssssstennnnn….

      Zoobillee Zoo was a PBS kids show. Not sure I watched it as a kid but there was a time that I could only get PBS on my tv. It was a pretty decent kid show with a really catchy theme song. 🙂 Ben Vereen was the Mayor – how can you miss with Ben Vereen?


  2. Okay…. as a very weird coincidence…. I just looked up Forrest Gardner who was my favorite Zoobliee Zoo character, Van Go Lion, and found out he died a couple days ago. You know, around the time the theme song popped up in my head. If you take the time to look around there’s always beauty there to see.


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