oh the rain rain rain came down down down

Early last Thursday morning, severe thunderstorms came through our area. We were awakened around 3AM with pouring rain, hail and strong winds. Fortunately for us, we only had some leaves and small twigs down. I expected more damage.

About a mile to the east, Campbell Point Marina was hit a lot harder and possibly had a tornado. A couple of the houseboat docks ended up on top of and tangled with each other. A bunch of boats apparently broke loose and drifted off as well. It was fortunate that it was not the weekend and no one was staying on their houseboat.

houseboat docks after storm

hosueboat docks at campbell point

Photos found on Campbell Point Marina FaceBook Page


7 thoughts on “oh the rain rain rain came down down down”

  1. What a mess. We had bad storms on Thursday, too. Ours brought torrential rains, but no wind damage. Both are lousy, but your mess looks worse than ours [so you win?].


    1. Not sure I count this as a win – but at least no one was hurt. I didn’t tell you that my neighbor has a boat in that dock. She says they haven’t used it in years and wouldn’t have minded if it got destroyed. The boat in the slip next to their’s was the last one destroyed.


    1. I imagine it was quite the mess to clean up. And to chase down the loose boats? But yes, very thankfully no injuries. I thought maybe I heard a siren that night, hard to tell with all the wind and rain and hail. Just hoping that if anyone had been on board that there was some warning.


  2. Oh my goodness, what a mess. I imagine there are some very unhappy boat owners around at the moment. Looks like very strong wind. Thankfully no one was hurt. Can’t imagine what it must have been like to be there. Glad all is well with you and you just have a small bit of tree damage.


    1. I kind of would have liked to have been there to see it – it must have been really dramatic. Pity they don’t have security cameras or something. I really was surprised nothing much happened here. Maybe we knocked down all the half dead stuff over the winter.


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