a trip to the vet

I spent way too much time trying to find another one of those picnic basket style cat carriers – which aren’t made anymore. Finally I gave in and bought the pink carrier, which will hold Zoe. I don’t like it as well but it is what it is and it meant I could get both cats to the vet on the same day.

trip to the vet

That turned out to be an adventure. Two trips out to the car in the rain. Two cats annoyed to be in the car and a sudden torrential rain storm which was supposed to be over and done with before we had to leave home. Oh, and the 30 miles of curvy, curly, screwy roads between here and there. Zoe settled down better than Charlie but we had 45 minutes of stereo kitty crying. Two more trips through the rain to get them into the vet.

Charlie got his shots which consisted of opening the picnic basket and giving him the shot. Not a lot of stress. He may have fought going into the carrier but he was happy as hell to get to stay in there.

Zoe has been sick. She has always had a problem with vomiting. We switched to grain free food about a year ago and that helped tremendously. But she still vomits sometimes, mostly when she eats much dry food and then she brings it back up whole. She doesn’t chew. But the last few weeks, she’s been vomiting more – mostly foamy liquid. And, looking back, she’s become more and more picky about what she’ll eat. She’s only been willing to eat poached chicken sometimes lately which is fine, but not nutritionally complete.

I’ve been worried. These symptoms come and go but are similar to the things I saw with Stasia before we knew she was sick. It appears that Zoe is healthy except for some gingivitis – which could be stomatitis. Stomatitis is scary. Right now, the vet thinks steroids may fix the problem, but she could end up having her teeth pulled. Or worse. So we wait and see if the shot worked and then she may need periodic shots.

Charlie’s response to the traumatic car ride and vet visit was to get lots and lots of cuddles. Zoe’s response was to hide. She’s starting to come out a little more now, but she seems tired and just not feeling well. I imagine she’s not entirely enjoying the effects of the steroid.



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  1. I hope she feels better with the steroids! It’s such a shame(or is it?) that cats and dogs can’t talk to tell us what’s wrong and how they’re feeling. 😦 It also sounds like an expensive visit to the vet.


    1. It would be really handy if they could talk and tell us what is wrong. I hate trying to guess. I’ve spent the past couple weeks trying to decide if she was sick or just being picky about her food again. But if they could talk, can you imagine mornings? Mom? Mom? Are you going to get up and feed me? Mom?

      The vet visit wasn’t that expensive but if she has to have her teeth out, that’s going to cost. And the special food they both need to be on – she needs some for digestive issues, Charlie needs some weight loss food… I’m going to have to increase the small amount of money I take from Dad’s account to pay for cat care and stuff around the house.


  2. We had 2 cats. I used to take them to the Vet for their annual check-ups & shots like you did– two different carriers, one noisy hullabaloo throughout the whole ordeal. And just like your little fur balls, once we got home, one cat needed hugs while the other one went to live under a bed for about a week. They’re such weird animals!


    1. They are totally weird and you can’t predict future behavior from past behavior. Zoe, by the way, has come out from hiding and is eating a bit better.


  3. Ally said it best, cats are totally weird creatures. No sense, rhyme or reason to them. We just laugh at ours, as they are so funny. My friend has a cat who is so nervous of just about everyone and everything that he lives in the forepeak of her boat and only comes out after dark to eat and to munch on his little bowl of grass that they keep in the cabin. Bizarre creature.


    1. Poor little boat hiding kitty! They all are weird in their own special way. If only I can get a picture of it, Charlie has taken to sitting on the dresser and staring at himself in the mirror at bed time.


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