happy memorial day weekend

We’re sleepy here this weekend. Mostly relaxing although we made lemon chicken soup and gazpacho in between naps.

zoe hot pad

Zoe’s favorite spot is my heating pad – set on the lowest level. She will happily claim it on it’s highest heat but I don’t really want a cooked kitty. It really mellows her out. Sometimes she will even roll over and let me rub her belly. Amazing!

charlie chair

Charlie mostly prefers to sleep in his favorite chair. That’s a down throw so perhaps it warms him up as much as Zoe’s hot pad. Periodically he jumps over to the bed and gets cuddles for a while, or pounces on Zoe and starts a fight. If I’m not in there they will be peaceable for hours. I think it’s an attention thing. Or a drive me crazy thing.

I was going to write some serious stuff this weekend, but it was coming out all rant-y and I’m not in the mood to rant. Perhaps later this week.


4 thoughts on “happy memorial day weekend”

  1. The kitties look so cute and peaceful. I wish I could live a cat’s life. I do enjoy rants though. (since I do so many of them myself) 🙂


    1. If I were to be reincarnated, I’d want to come back as a pampered kitty. Really pampered with my own private kitty chef making me shrimps.

      You love the rants, eh? Maybe it will get written. I will dedicate it to you if I do.


    1. After last night, I will mail them out to you with a big bottle of benadryl. Maybe just Charlie since it was Charlie who spent the night chasing Zoe off the bed and walking back and forth over me to check that she wasn’t trying to get up on the bed from the other side.


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