devil cat and space kitty

devil cat and space kitty 2

There are things to write but I don’t seem to have the energy to write them. I’ve spent most of the day in bed with the cats, feeling really sick to just feeling tired now. I had things to do, they didn’t get done. I feel guilty.

Much of the week, my excuse for not writing has been that the way I have this set up is I need a featured photo for posts to show on the front page. I can either a) wait until I remember to take a picture, b) use an old picture, c) remove the front page and go straight to the blog, or d) carry the camera around with me as I keep saying I’m going to do.

At any rate, here is a kitty picture for the weekend. I generally do the red-eye removal thing. Sometimes it works well, sometimes it looks worse afterward. I may have learned something this morning that will help, though I still think Zoe’s eyes look a little dark. Still, I might go back and re-correct some recent pictures. I’m curious as to why Zoe has red eyes and Charlie has the weird glowing blue ones.

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6 thoughts on “devil cat and space kitty”

  1. That first photo is quite scary! 🙂 I specialize in badly colored photos; I never think about light or reflection, so I often get yellow grass and strangely colored clothing. (a teal shirt I was wearing got turned into bright turquoise somehow)


    1. I love being able to tweak things in PSP – but still there are things I cannot fix. With enough patience, perhaps, I could fix more. It’s what makes digital so cool.


  2. Does PSP = photoshop pro? Very, very impressive photo-tweaking! I was just thinking of you as I read this quite interesting article in today’s NYTimes.

    This paragraph in particular impressed me:
    A recent study …examined 21 overweight and obese young adults after they had lost 10 to 15 percent of their body weight, on diets ranging from low fat to low carbohydrate. Despite consuming the same number of calories on each diet, subjects burned about 325 more calories per day on the low carbohydrate than on the low fat diet — amounting to the energy expended in an hour of moderately intense physical activity.

    If I’m understanding the paragraph correctly, a person can get the calorie-burning effects of 1 hour of intense physical activity by eating fats instead of carbs — on a daily basis. That’s pretty enticing. And somehow I think I may not be reading it properly. What do you think?

    I think reading the article will stop me from saying, or thinking, “it’s all about counting calories.”


    1. Paintshop Pro. I have Photoshop, too, but it’s starting all over again to learn something and I already know Paintshop Pro…. Someday. Perhaps.

      Interesting articles – I’m glad they had a link to the JAMA article to help clarify some of the stuff the Times glossed over. I don’t think that I read it quite the same way that you did.

      The main points that I took in –

      The quality of the diet is important and just counting calories leads most of us to eventual failure. D’uh.

      Really low fat diets don’t work. Low carb diets may be better – but not the low carb from the early 70s when any fat was okay.

      The adipocyte? Is that those of us who store fat really well? Are they finally trying to figure out why?

      I’m afraid I don’t understand how storing fat leads to less circulating sugar and nutrients. Maybe because from the diabetic perspective, we have too much sugar and we aren’t absorbing nutrients well – yet I still store fat really well. Perhaps that’s just the end of the cycle tho.

      I don’t know, it was interesting and I think you for sharing it. Sounds a little early for big conclusions and really, the low carb movement has the same problem as the low calorie plan. Few of us can actually stick to it.


  3. Those are 2 freaky looking cats. I rather like the photo, but it is astounding how their eyes are so different.

    Hope you’re feeling better by now. I’ve been dragging lately, too. The weather, perhaps?


    1. I’ve slept more in the past 48 hours than I think I have in the last month. But it’s warming up here again. Damn near turned the heat on again last week.


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