it’s the weekend again

arent they cute

Aren’t they cute? Sometimes they are just so sweet. And then, this was just seconds before Zoe reached up and grabbed Charlie by the head and bit him.

This week, Zoe has decided her favorite place to sleep at night is on the chair at the vanity in the bathroom. I think that she is safe from Charlie there – since he is too fat to squeeze into that space. She was sleeping on the end of the bed and around 3 am most nights, Charlie would pounce on her and take her spot. Charlie, on the other hand, is sleeping squished against the back of the glider rocker practically sitting upside down on his head. I should take a picture of that, maybe next weekend. They’re just weird.


4 thoughts on “it’s the weekend again”

  1. I think you are tantalizing me with those cute cats. I’m still thinking about getting one, but the time or circumstances have to be right. I’m waiting for a sign!! I do want to do some traveling and my kids live far away, so it would be tricky. But a furry friend would be comforting.


    1. Well, I figure you have friends who would be happy to cat sit. So why are you still resisting?

      I was having back spasms today and kitties coming alternately to cuddle with me. And once I had to force them both to move as they were cuddling and washing each other in the middle of the bed. It’s a queen bed but I still require some space of my own. My bed, my rules. Both of them wanting cuddles at once was interesting. Typically, Charlie likes to curl up on the pillow at my side which I use to support my shoulder. It’s an easy place for him to get chin scratches and tummy tickles. Yesterday, Zoe decided she wanted to lay there and get ear and shoulder rubs. At one point, Charlie was laying with his back half stretched across Zoe’s butt.


    1. Not sneezing, along with not coughing, itching or wheezing, seems to be a good thing to me. You can be Auntie Bean to the kitties and photoshop yourself into their pictures! Or ‘shop them into pictures of your house. Then when people tell you that you should have a cat, you can pull out pictures of Zoe and Charlie. 🙂

      Am silly on the drugs.


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