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I did not sleep at all Saturday night or Sunday during the day – but fortunately I slept pretty well Sunday night and most of this morning. This morning is the fault of a stupidly heavy carb breakfast that I should probably be shot for. My body is punishing me with insanely high blood sugar which is looking like it’s going to prevent my planned trip to Cassville this afternoon. We’ll see. I have some time left.

I hate it when I’m stupid.

So, for something a little different, here are some interesting links.

I always wondered about this. Why do you sometimes feel it somewhere else when you itch another part of your body? Do you have that? There are parts of my tummy that I feel on the backs of my shoulders.

It had to be set up – otherwise why was this guy being videoed? But it’s still funny.

I found this really interesting. Squatters in Venezuela’s 45-Story ‘Tower of David’ My first thought was that this could not happen in the U.S. because of liability fears. The article doesn’t explain how they’re getting electricity and such, but it’s fascinating how people have built lives in this abandoned building, not what we think of as homeless squatters here.

Wow, it’s frustrating when I’m looking for something I enjoyed and can’t remember where I read it. You’d think I’d learn to bookmark this stuff.

So I took a break and went to the doctor and the pharmacy and This was in my inbox when I got home. I’ve always heard that Harper Lee was a recluse after To Kill a Mockingbird. She may not have written another book but she did some important things.

Are you interested in the history of words? Online Etymology Dictionary.

Do Netflix and Amazon Prime frustrate you when you’re looking for a movie to watch? A Good Movie to Watch.

What if that movie is not on Netflix or Amazon? Can I Stream It?

There was a picture I saw last week that had me laughing out loud for real. Really wish I’d had bookmarked it. I’ll try to do better in the future.

It seems that none of my friends, even my English major friends, like poetry. Too bad. I will continue to inflict it on you once in a while.

A Northern Teen Eats His First Delicious Meal In The South. He Gets A Slap In The Face For Dessert.


6 thoughts on “stuff I found”

    1. Glad you liked it Margaret. It’s funny, I don’t write slam poetry but when I listen to a few, I start hearing everything in that kind of rhythm.


    1. Some of them are really powerful – others are just angry and not that interesting to me. But they make me want to write that way. Just don’t think it’s my style.


  1. The link to the etymology website is the sort of place where I can lose myself for hours. Didn’t know any of that about Harper Lee. Suddenly feel like I want to re-read To Kill A Mockingbird. The Can I Steam It? website is genius. I’ll keep it around just in case I ever get around to watching movies again.

    Fun stuff here. Thx.


    1. Yup, I’m wanting to re-read To Kill a Mockingbird, too. I might have it somewhere but chances are I’ll get it on the Kindle. I’m not sure where the rest of my books are in the storage unit anyway. And yeah, I love words too. I can totally get caught up bouncing from word to word in the etymology site.

      By the way, the Can I Stream It site has a link to another site called HitBliss that, if you’re willing to watch some commercials you can earn money to use on Amazon to rent movies. I earned $6 – or enough for 2 movies – in about half an hour. Not sure whether I’ll use it a lot, but it’s kind of a nice way to pay for renting movies.

      You can sign up through me and get me extra movie watching funds.


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