weekend kitty bonus

Cats turn you into a liar. I’m pretty sure they do it on purpose. They wait for you to say something, something like “He has his favorite sleeping spot, which is the rocker in my bedroom and I don’t think I’ve seen Zoe sleep there since he decided it was his.”

Sure, I didn’t actually say she never slept there, just that I hadn’t seen her there. And so today, she has been sleeping in Charlie’s chair all morning.

zoe glider

And where is Charlie? Why, he’s in the bed that neither one of them has ever liked. The bed that no cat who has ever lived in this house liked. The bed that they were fighting over yesterday.

charlie cat bed

How about if I just admit I never know what either one of them is going to do next?


5 thoughts on “weekend kitty bonus”

  1. That’s the fun part about cats though; they are unpredictable, just like people. If I were a cat, that cat bed would make me feel claustrophobic! 🙂


    1. Unpredictable should be their middle names. That bed, by the way, is a little bigger than it looks in that picture. It’s kind of a tent with an opening on two sides. But yeah, not sure I’d want to curl up in it. I’m not entirely surprised that Zoe has decided she likes it, she loves to be covered up entirely by a blanket. Charlie surprises me but I think I can put it down to him wanting anything Zoe wants.


  2. You’ve got yourself two nutty kitty cats there! Of course, all cats are nuts, but your two make me laugh. Ours were much more predictable, to a point where one lived most of her life upstairs, coming downstairs to eat. And the other lived downstairs, going upstairs to use the litter box. But yours? Anything goes.


    1. I always end up with the insane kitties. Has nothing to do with me… nothing at all.

      I seem destined this week to tell cat stories. This morning, I fed Zoe the beef canned food that Charlie can’t eat and Charlie got the egg and chicken souffle that Zoe doesn’t like. To make sure Charlie didn’t eat the beef, I picked Zoe up and fed her on the bar.

      Zoe jumped down as soon as she finished her food and ran over to Charlie’s bowl — and I swear she turned around and glared at me. “How dare you feed Charlie something I don’t like!”


  3. Oh, they read minds. And they understand human talk. Although they don’t actually care what we say or think, and they certainly wouldn’t do something we told them to do.


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