spring inside

It’s spring inside this week.

tangled seedlings

I may have waited a little long to transplant the herb seedlings. It was a challenge just to get them untangled. I expect that I will have to buy plants to replace at least some of these.

chives and sage

The chives, for example. The garlic chives are looking pretty good. I’m surprised the regular chives survived the night. That’s the replacement sage in the back pot.


The marjoram is one of the better looking plants. The oregano will almost certainly need to be replaced.


I think it’s a coin toss with the parsley (front) and cilantro (back right). I struggle with pinching back plants. But there are plenty of surviving seedlings so I can work on pinching them back as they recover from the transplanting.


2 thoughts on “spring inside”

    1. Well, you do many other things! But you know, some herbs – should you ever get the damn things to grow – are quite pretty. The boxwood basil looks like it could use a good trim but it is a pretty plant and seems to grow without effort. Plus it smells nice! The oregano was also very pretty before it got whacked. And I read the other day that flies don’t like basil so basil will help keep the bugs away. Never mind that that is patently untrue, the internet said so!


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