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I went to visit Mom and Dad on Friday, bearing a stack of magazines and a box of jelly rolls. Could not get him to open his eyes. A couple weeks ago they sent him to a psych unit again for attacking someone who wandered into his room. By the time he got there he was calm and cooperative so they sent him back. I asked why they didn’t just put up a sign across his doorway to keep the wanderers out, they’ve done it for other residents who had problems with people entering their room. Well, I see that they have gotten one – which velcros across the doorway – and they haven’t had any additional problems, at least that way. He does, however, close his eyes and pretend to sleep when they want him to do something he doesn’t want to do. He did that while they shaved him Friday morning. I guess that’s not so bad. Couldn’t tell how much he was really asleep while I was there but he did sort of open his eye a time or two.


I think Chickens & Eggs is finished. I’ve been through all the posts and inserted a featured image on those which have photos (which lets you see a photo in the blog post list), cleaned up recipes and instructions, made some changes in recipes I’ve changed over the years, added a few photos, and removed some of the smart ass bits that found their way into recipes. I also deleted a few recipes and some other fluff. I fixed all the links and most of the categories – I may need to go through yet again to add category tags. I ended up using the same theme. I just couldn’t find something I liked as well for over here, but perhaps someday. I would still appreciate opinions and if you find a problem, please let me know.


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  1. His eyes do look very closed, especially his left. It’s a shame that you have to be the problem solver when they are supposed to be the experts. (and are getting paid to do so) Does C&E have its own link or is it attached to this blog? When I try to get a feed for it, it comes up here. It’s probably me! 🙂


    1. It’s frightening how fast he’s deteriorated. Hard to believe that a year ago I wasn’t sure I was doing the right thing. That is part of dementia though. New environment and all. And yeah, I don’t know why someone didn’t think of the sign thing before this.

      C&E is linked on the front page here. It may be coming up here when you search for it because it’s a subdomain. The RSS Feed is here. It also has it’s own email subscription in the sidebar on any blog page.


  2. Your Dad’s behavior is interesting– and seems to be making him happy? Or as happy as he can be under the circumstances?

    I like your new look here on this blog. It is easier to read your words now. And I like the photos over on the righthand side of the page. The whole effect is crisp + clean.

    Will go look at C&E now.


    1. How he spends his day isn’t really that different than when he was at home. He mostly sat in his chair and slept all day. I think the main difference, other than the lack of privacy, is that they can make him do things like change his clothes when he wets himself which I couldn’t make him do. I guess he is as happy as he can be, he remains delusional a large part of the time. Does it make him happy to be the General? Dementia just sucks.


  3. I like the look of C&E, too. Same crisp + clean look [same template, right?]. I think that the new arrangement makes it easier for someone to find recipes of interest to him or her. Good job, Zazzy.

    A two-part question: 1) where did you get the little circles with the links to FB, Pinterest, whatever, & 2) how did you get them onto your pages ? I like them. I see them around. [No pun intended.] I need them.


    1. Thank you Ally. I like the simple look of the pages, too. Crisp and clean seem like a good thing. Which is why I ended up using the same template. I just couldn’t find another I liked as well that did what I wanted. The social circles are just part of the template (which you can use without the presentation page if you like). As you can tell, you can make a lot of changes to personalize the template. The circles, for example, are on the top and bottom here and on the side and bottom there. And the top ones aren’t circles, for that matter. There might be a plugin for the social links if you search on WP. There seems to be a plugin for about everything these days. The options have gotten to be too much for my meager html and css skills which is why I’m going with a template rather than writing my own now. There’s more I can tweak, though I think I’m done tweaking C&E. Here, I’m considering doing a logo like I did on C&E rather than the banner, just haven’t decided.


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