looking forward to spring


It doesn’t look like this now, but some daffodils and those little purple flowers are starting to pop up in between the snowy days. I’ve had the door open a few times to let fresh air in. Spring is coming. It has been a long and cold winter and I’m glad to see nature starting to renew itself. Time to call someone to get the mess that is our yard cleaned up and maybe even get some of that landscaping that never happened last summer done.


6 thoughts on “looking forward to spring”

  1. Just starting to feel like that here, too. Great isn’t it! Lovely view, and love the blog makeover too!


    1. It’s that time of year where you’re hopeful one day and it’s cold and gray the next. We had snow on Sunday. But spring is coming, I can feel it.


  2. She’s back! I’m glad. The new site looks great too. Blogs may be dying out but I still think they’re wonderful. So much better than Facebook. Maybe you’ll inspire me to post more often.

    I can never figure out where you are — Missouri? Pennsylvania? If you were nearer I’d offer to come help with the landscaping but since I’m in the Washington, DC, area I suspect it would be a long, long drive. Happy (almost) spring — we’ve still got snow on the ground here m not necessarily expecting a spring. In these parts, we usually go directly from winter to sweltering summer.


    1. We’re in southwestern Missouri. I’d love to let you do all the landscaping! But since you are a little far away, I’m hoping to find someone to do a better job this year.

      I hope you do blog more often – I saw you fixed your RSS. I do like blogging and reading blogs much better than FaceBook. I guess there is something for everyone.


    1. I guess it’s the season for wild, unpredictable weather. I’m trying not to complain so long as it’s not snowing. It surprised me when it was light at 7pm the other night – then I remembered the time change. I hate the time change but I sure like having more light.


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