and there came a time

I have been blogging for almost 12 years. I started on Live Journal and it was, in a way, much more similar to FaceBook than to blogging. I moved from platform to platform until I finally went out on my own. I have met many interesting people and some of them have become real friends. I have written about my life and my parents and diabetes and depression. I have written a lot on eating and food and self acceptance.

I have said it all.

It is time to let go and that is not a decision I have made lightly. The closer I got, the more I started rationalizing. Would it kill me to keep the blog running, even if everything I write feels old and tired? Probably not. But I think it is time.

I don’t know what happens next. I have archived the old blog. I am keeping Chickens and Eggs. For now, this page is a placeholder.


8 thoughts on “and there came a time”

    1. I looked it up in the dictionary Margaret. I really said it all. 🙂

      Okay, yeah, just tired and bored with myself.


  1. Zazzy,although I rarely commented,I will miss visiting your blog regularly to see how you are doing !

    I don’t like Facebook,I don’t have an account.I have a Twitter account I never used. LOL

    I will visit your Chickens and Eggs occasionally and look what you are cooking.I wish you well and all the best !

    And……… I’m sending you lots of hugs too !


    1. I don’t like Facebook either. Right now, I’ve hidden pretty much everyone but a handful of good friends and other friends who very rarely post but if they did, I’d want to see it. FB is just so easy for people to spam the hell out of you and no matter what they’re posting – even funny cat pictures – it gets old and you can’t find what’s important between all the crap.

      Twitter – just never gotten into. I’m following Ally and Polly and Bluehost since they will actually tweet when there’s something wrong with the hosting service. And a few other friends who tweet about as often as I do.


  2. I get tired of saying it. And I never try to say it all. I just get worn out by the effort that it takes to make my thoughts known to the world. And then finding out [confirming?] that the world doesn’t much care about me.

    I can understand why you’re finished with this blogging thing. But I’ll miss you. And your monthly headers. This one, in particular, is way cool.


    1. If I had some interesting thoughts left I think I might enjoy making them known to the world. But I get what you’re saying about how when you put it out there, it feels like no one cares anyway.

      I’m thinking about doing some kind of random photo blog. I have the space. I was beating my head against the wall yesterday trying to get something to work the way I wanted so I’ll take some time elsewhere working on a layout I like. I’d like to work on some creative ideas.


  3. Oh my god this isn’t a blog makeover – I completely missed this post! We’re moving house soon (mad busy) and I’ve been quite lax about keeping up, but you and Ally I usually notice. I would be really sad to see you disappear completely. I hope you continue writing but if it makes you feel better, just don’t do it as often, especially if it’s causing you stress. How could I have missed this? Would love the random photo blog, if that’s the way you decide to go. Wishing you renewed energy with the coming spring.


    1. Whether I go back to writing or not, sometimes I need to just archive the blog and start fresh. It helps to get me out of the rut of negativity. Life is rarely perfect but I hate it when that seems like all I can see.

      Good to see you Polly and good luck on the move. I’m going to miss your old house! I loved the room with all the books. 🙂


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