remember the days when you just opened a can of the cheapest cat food made?

I try to be a good cat parent. We are having eating issues here and I am a frustrated cat parent. Charlie is really picky about canned food, Zoe is really picky about crunchy. Did I tell you that she will happily eat the crunchy food she won’t eat from her bowl if I give it to her by hand as a “treat”? Charlie is not fooled by this maneuver. It just may end up being that Zoe eats mostly canned food and Charlie eats mostly crunchy. At least he is willing to eat the crunchy we have right now.

Both would be thrilled if I would feed them Meow Mix – which I’m pretty sure is made from potato chips and doughnuts. At least they both act like it is the best treat in the world if I give them a few crunchies.

I noted that both cats did not like this case of Spot’s Pate. This is a frustration to me because I have to order it by the case. They love it, I order another case and this time they hate it. wasn’t helpful so I contacted Halo, the makers, and got this reply:

Now, with that been said I checked our retention log and nothing was wrong with the batch. The texture, smell, color were fine. I can only suggest why the cats are refusing to eat it, could be the smell of the vegetables which are cooked in the recipe. This batch was made during the summer season which vegetables are at their best. Sometimes when you have this, it may be a little too strong for the cat.

All that really says to me is that they are unable to be consistent. It’s a crapshoot what batch you get. I cannot order cat food by the case and have it be from a production with strongly flavored vegetables… [insert rolled eyes here] So I’m back to trying to find a quality canned food that they will both eat – and which won’t make Zoe vomit. That’s how this all started, you know. She is sensitive to corn/wheat. I have read that if your cat has a sensitive stomach that is almost always the cause – and that seems to be the case. At least she doesn’t vomit anymore. Charlie’s stomach doesn’t care – so long as it’s not a junkie/fatty food – excess fat makes him vomit. Oh, and it has to be pate for both of them. We don’t like chunky food. We lick the gravy off chunky food and leave the rest.

I’m debating about writing a review on the Spot’s. On the one hand, it might be useful information for other cat parents. On the other, I tend to feel guilty writing negative reviews. And I really need to get to PetSmart where they have a bunch of food options and we can try a few cans without having to buy it in bulk.


2 thoughts on “remember the days when you just opened a can of the cheapest cat food made?”

  1. My stray cat eats the cheapest cat food there is, but does sometimes vomit. It’s been hanging around here for the past 10 years or so; the kids wouldn’t let me take it to the animal shelter. It’s mostly scared of people, especially men, but I can’t let it starve. No advice on the cat food except buy a bit at a time–a huge hassle, I’m sure. And more expensive!


    1. It’s a challenge here. I really like being able to order from and have everything delivered – and not drive 70 miles to the city. Going to try the tractor supply store tomorrow which I understand carries Blue Buffalo and maybe some other cat food. I’m just so disappointed in this after finally finding something they would both eat.


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