cats and their weird behavior

This seems to be a week of funny cat stories on more legitimate news feeds (aka not cheezeburger). I enjoyed the article You’re not crazy, your cat is on Huff Post. It talked about why cats do the weird things they do such as why they like boxes so much.

For security, mostly. Cats are instinctively drawn toward boxes because they’re protected on three sides and can watch what’s going on around them through the opening. You can’t sneak up and scare your cat when it’s in a box. Or so they think.

That reminded me of Anastasia. Most of my cats have had a very real idea of how to hide effectively. Stasia, not so much.

stasia in tube

No one could see her. She was completely hidden. Neither Zoe nor Charlie spend a lot of time hiding. Zoe likes to go under a blanket sometimes.

You can also learn to predict the weather using your cat. Apparently big storms are constantly headed our way since Charlie snores a LOT. Or it could be that he’s getting really fat. I wonder what it means when a cat washes another cat behind the ears?


4 thoughts on “cats and their weird behavior”

  1. I know that cats (and dogs) correctly predicted the Seahawks win in the Superbowl, so they must have some 6th sense! I love cat videos; they are hilarious. There are SO many of them on Facebook!


  2. Not convinced that cat predictions could be any worse than weather forecasters’ scientific predictions. I see a future on TV for cats as prognosticators a la ground hog.


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