bullet friday

  • I’m more likely to spend money when I owe money. This seems counterintuitive to me.
  • WordPress doesn’t know how to spell counterintuitive. Come on, it’s not a rare word.
  • Hulu? Are you aware that your homepage almost never loads properly? Stop trying to look like Netflix and just make something that works.
  • Chrome, Microsoft, Netflix, Amazon? Are you aware that Silverlight likes to stop working quite regularly? Go back to Flash if you mean for me to have to keep rebooting Silverlight.
  • The sun is still shining and I am still grateful. Can it be that in a few short months I will be complaining about the heat?
  • I am thinking about updating my 101 list. Anyone else? Should I start all over without reading it or should I just update the old stuff? Probably I should start over, I’m in a different place now.
  • Short, mostly trivial posts are in their own way just as hard as longer, more thought out posts.
  • I was thrilled to read that many chefs think that kale sucks. Listed by many as the most over rated vegetable. Can I add San Marzano tomatoes to that list? I know that they are all the rage and I finally found some – for more than twice the price of Hunts – and the sauce I made was watery and tasteless. Even America’s Test Kitchen rates Hunts above San Marzano.
  • My kitties have decided they won’t eat Spot’s Pate Ground Chicken Recipe. Previously they loved it but this batch, they won’t touch. Have an Email into Halo to see if there is a problem with this batch.
  • Speaking of the cats, Zoe is so cute when she rubs lovingly on the refrigerator while trying to convince me it’s two hours later than I think.

4 thoughts on “bullet friday”

  1. I’m enjoying the extra sunlight too. Longer days make me happier. What is Silverlight? I need to update any list or description on my blog because they would no longer be accurate. (don’t remember how to do it though)


        1. I don’t think so – what plugin they use to display video is a server side choice. When I found a solution to the video black-screen-of-death, a lot of people have the problem but it had previously not been a problem for me. I think it could be related to using the video sites on my kindle as well as the computer.


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