My scanner finally worked so I thought I’d show you a little of what snow can be around here. The best part of this story is that I was not here. I lived in Cody, Wyoming at the time and, if I recall correctly, it was right around Easter. We had one of those dump-two-feet-of-snow in an afternoon type storms. Mom and Dad were laughing at me for living in Wyoming and the next day – this happened.

big snow 1994

It was amusing. Really, really amusing. And while Cody had the streets cleared by morning – this road is not plowed. Granted, it was a March or April snow and probably melted within days. But it was still funny.

Same storm, I think, but a view from the carport up toward the road. You may have to go to the full size photo to be able to see the slope of the drive.

snow 1994 driveway

Tomorrow, I’m climbing the stairs with my camera and seeing what the upper drive and road are looking like. This is the 8th day of being iced in. My neighbors, did I say already? Have their cars parked on the upper road and are hiking up there. She tells me that the roads up top, at least on Friday, were still ice covered and the parking lots were solid ice. It never warmed up and the sun didn’t shine so I’m betting the ice is still there. Supposed to snow a little Monday – Tuesday we may get sun but it’ll still be below freezing.

I’m supposed to go to Springfield on Wednesday – when it finally warms up! It’s not looking very good right now and I’m guessing I’ll have to reschedule. We’ll see how things are looking on Tuesday.

This has been a long winter.


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  1. Good golly, that’s a lot of snow. It’s been years since I’ve seen a snowfall like that one around here. Our snow is usually much lighter and covered with a sheet of ice on top of it. Bothersome, but not overwhelming.

    And I agree with your last sentence. Usually I enjoy winter, but not this year with all the subzero temps. They make me anxious.


    1. I haven’t seen that kind of snow around here in a long, long time. The most I can recall in recent years is around 8 inches – which is plenty. We haven’t had the subzero temps that you have had to deal with, my anxiety is not being able to plan. I don’t need anything from the store – yet – but I can’t schedule appointments and expect to get there or get the car serviced or take the cats for their shots. It’s just been annoying.


  2. Yowza! Very glad you don’t have that much snow… but any snow that isn’t easily cleared is enough. Seattle got 4-6 inches Saturday night. It was pretty coming down, but I was glad to not need to be anywhere until after it melted and the roads were cleared. 4-6 inches isn’t very much to a lot of people, but it was more than we typically get! I’m grateful we haven’t sustained below freezing temps for very long… I’m of the mind that I’d either like to get a paid day off from work via snow closure, or I want the weather to hurry up and get warm. But snowing on the weekend means I get no perks and has been deemed not fair! 😉


    1. The Seattle area seems to have gotten a lot more snow this year – or I’m just more aware of it. And I agree with you, if you’re going to be snowed in you ought to be missing work or school.


  3. We got some in December and a bit on Thursday night, but quite a lot of it Saturday night. (I’m about 35 miles south of Seattle and it was a storm from the south–always our worst) It was melted and no issue by late Sunday morning though, but people who were out Sat. night had a tough time of it. Your driveway is like our hills. I have to go up several like that to get to school. I have 4 wheel drive and know to get a good run at it, but you can’t do that in a DRIVEWAY. Is that your dad? He looks bemused!! LOL I would be too if I ever saw that much snow. When I was a child, we visited my grandparents east of the mountains and they had snow like that. I found it terrifying. Hope you can get out soon. I would HATE, HATE, HATE being cooped up. On the good side, the place you live is absolutely beautiful. Breathtaking.


  4. I do hate being cooped up even if I have no real need to get out. It’s just the idea of not being able to get out. I’ve had deep snow most places I’ve lived but it’s pretty rare here, for which I’m grateful. It is really beautiful here, but sometimes really frustrating.


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