In the world of the internet, it’s a good idea to check all stories and photos before passing them on as “truth.” I have an old friend who used to pass on hoaxes with a note that she didn’t have time to check to see if they were real. And another who was offended when I commented that something was a hoax – because it was just such a great story, she insisted.

These are places that actually exist. With places like these, why would you need the photo-shopped kind?

Zhangjiajie_Panorama 02-10x8_600px 20110811


3 thoughts on “truth”

  1. The sad thing is that I never trust photos now because they seem all photo shopped or colorized to me. 😦 I have to be all over some people on FB because of their crazy lack of fact checking. And then SOMEHOW, I end to be the “bad guy” for ruining a great story. *sigh*


    1. I don’t bother very often these days but if I do point out something is a hoax – particularly on FB when someone is passing on malware or a potential virus because they think they’re going to get something free – I try really hard to be nice about it. Or to tell them privately. I surveyed my FB friends some time ago about whether they’d want to be told and nearly everyone said they did. Don’t believe them. Nope.

      I agree with you about photos. Same with cute or touching stories. Virus warnings. Etc. Every now and then I find a story that is true and the back story is so much more interesting than the glurge. I’d like to share that story but I’ve gotten dinged for that, too, as somehow spoiling the story.


      1. People just hate it when you or I ruin their fantasies of how life is supposed to be or fact check heartwarming stories that are scams. Sometimes I get so tired…


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