I’ll go for nice. You remember those school projects where the whole class had to write something positive for each student? I was mostly described as nice. Like white bread. Or oatmeal.

I decided to try the snack subscription service a few months ago. They currently have over 90 portion controlled snacks. You can specify which snacks you particularly like or don’t like. I went through, for example, and marked out all raspberry flavored snacks since I don’t like raspberry flavor. Snacks run from 50 calories to around 200 and you get 4 per box. Each box is $6, shipping included. So far, the snacks have been good but the question is whether they’re worth $1.50 each. The only thing I don’t like so far is some of the snacks rely on mostly raisins. Raisins feel cheap.

All their snacks have a healthy benefit – a serving of fruit or protein or made with whole grains. I think these would be great to have delivered to your office where you could swap out a vending machine snack for a graze snack.

If you would like to try Graze, you can use my friend code! This gets you your 1st and 5th box free (so there’s no risk of trying your first box) and apparently gets me $1 toward my next box. Just go to and put in the promotion code NANCYA8PB

And just so you know, sometime tomorrow evening/night this server is going down for maintenance. If you drop by and we’re not here – no worries. We’ll probably be back. You never know with hosts, of course.


4 thoughts on “grazing”

  1. I’m not a fan of raisins. I love raspberry flavor, but hate cherry, grape or watermelon. I love real grapes, but can’t be bothered with cherries(too much work) and gag on all melons. I will take a look at what they have.


    1. Not sure I like their dried fruit selections – apparently I enjoy sugar coated dried fruit LOL. What a surprise. Not sure I will stick with them but thought I’d offer the friend code to anyone who was interested in trying them. It is nice to get a variety and portion controlled.

      Their “flapjacks” are outstanding. But a little small. I wouldn’t mind the recipe for them.


  2. I tried the free box last month and really liked it, but did the same questioning about the cost per snack. I’d actually be potentially interested if they allowed you to pick/choose closert to 20 pre-packaged snacks so that I could take them to work or put them in Alanna’s lunches. But at a frequency of only once every 2 weeks and not being able to choose what I’m getting I went ahead and cancelled for now.


    1. Yeah, that’s my problem. They are still small, though, so perhaps that will come. But it’d be nice to have maybe a daily snack that could replace less healthy snacks at work. Also would like to choose what I get though right now, it’s interesting to try different things.


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