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You remember all the angst I had deciding to buy my first All Clad pan last fall? Well they had this invitation only factory seconds sale in January. I didn’t think the discounts would be that great and I thought maybe I’d buy one or maybe two pans to replace the ones I had which were peeling their non-stick coating the worst.

Then I went crazy. Not totally insane but crazy. It’ll take me a couple months – maybe three considering I had car insurance too – to pay them off but I have everything I need. There are still things I want eventually but I think I’m covered for anything I am likely to need.

And if you have ever wondered about taking the risk of All Clad’s absolutely no return policy for their factory seconds sale – well, here is a photo of the hideous flaw I found on one of the pans.


That divot is roughly pin sized. I don’t know how I will live with it. At 50% or more off, I suspect I will live with it gleefully.


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  1. I’m a bit jealous! We have 3 All-Clad skillets, a saucier (my husband’s favorite) and a soup pot. All of them to be had from William-Sonoma at a ridiculously low price. But I want to replace ALL of our pots and pans and would dearly love to have All-Clad Copper Core (only 2 of the above are Copper Core). But new pots and pans are so not in our plan this year.

    So will we start seeing some new recipes soon?


    1. My craziness did not extend quite so far to copper core. That’d be nice but I am pretty happy with the classic stuff I bought. I replaced everything I use most – including a large and small stock pot, 10 inch fry pan, 2 qt saucier (that’s new actually but replaces a 2 qt sauce pan) and a 1 1/2 qt sauce pan. With the other pans I have I’m covered for anything I should need. I’d like a steamer and pasta insert. I’ll consider those if they show up in the next sale. Maybe.

      I have mostly been cooking old favorite lately. I made lasagna soup but it was essentially the same flavor profile of my Italian sausage soup – but with less healthy vegetables. Oh, and chicken fajitas. I’ve got a real thing for chicken fajitas lately. At least they are pretty healthy.


  2. I’ve had a set of All-Clad stainless steel [?] pots + skillets for years and love them. They distribute heat evenly and are dishwasher safe. Plus they look pretty. Like the perfectly imperfect one you photographed above.


    1. I’m kind of surprised the dishwasher isn’t corrosive to them. I don’t have one anyway and hand washing isn’t bad at all. And I do love them. I expect them to last forever.

      By the way, I briefly channeled my mother and had a hard time throwing the old pans away. Oh sure, I’m tired of eating flecks of non-stick but maybe I’d need them for something…. In the end, they made it to the trash.


    1. I looked at Revere ware some years ago – there was (or is) an outlet down here. They were nowhere near the quality they used to be. Maybe that’s just the kind they carry here but it was disappointing because they were a terrific brand.


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