snowpocalypse 3

I told you this was the winter of my discontent! I’ve been trying not to complain too much. We’ve had a series of really mild winters and even with all the snow we’ve had this winter, we still haven’t had one of those 2 foot of snow blizzards. Or 4 inches of ice. So. It’s just snow.

groundhogs day 1

This was the lower patio looking southeast for a change on Sunday afternoon. There was about twice that much the last time I looked. If the forecast is to be believed, it might melt some on Monday but then it starts snowing again and then it’s damn cold. Possibly not getting out of the house before sometime next week. We’ll see. I rarely believe the forecast. It’s only right when I don’t want it to be.

Good thing I went out Saturday and stocked up on creamer for my coffee. And eggs. And toast.


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  1. Well the good news is that it’s melting quite well today. Much better than my pessimistic side thought it would. Now if it could just not sleet and snow tonight.


  2. I love the snow but ONLY when it’s temporary, which it usually is around here. We had a few flurries, but nothing major. Cold and clear for the week. (20s and maybe teens at night) Hope the forecast works itself out and that you’re not trapped. I would hate that feeling!!


    1. That is pretty cold and miserable for you, isn’t it? But at least not snowing. I keep meaning to take some pics to try and show why we can’t get out when we have just a little snow. Not sure I can get the perspective.


  3. Your snow looks pretty from far away. 🙂
    I’m ready for spring, too. My daughter’s 25-minute Atlanta commute turned into over 9 hours in the car last week. We had only about an inch of snow – maybe two inches in some places around here. I hope that’s it for the year.


    1. It’s funny how that works. Have you ever lived somewhere that snow was normal and they had the equipment to deal with it and people knew how to cope? I can only think of twice in Wyoming that they closed the town – didn’t pay that much attention to school closings but it wasn’t that often.

      Remember this snap in Gillette?

      The meter guy walked over the top of my fence.

      But down here, they don’t plow or even sand or salt our road. And the hills are crazy.

      But at least most of our residents have lived somewhere with snow before they retired down here. Granted, most of our elderly don’t seem to go out in the snow if at all possible. Could be even scarier.

      Hope your snow and or ice did not last long.


  4. I thought I’d scan a couple of Dad’s pictures of past snows – pity there don’t seem to be any photos of the big ice storm. But my printer/scanner is not behaving well lately. I did get one and I drew a line on it more or less where the dock road goes by side of the house.

    You can imagine the upper drive running more or less parallel to the dock road, a little steeper, actually but you can’t see the upper road in this shot so it’s a little hard to imagine. But it should give you the idea.


  5. I’ve lived only in the South, all my life. Schools shouldn’t have opened last Tuesday. Students were stuck there overnight. It was such a mess in Georgia and Alabama, too. I can’t imagine the snowfalls in your pictures!


  6. At least my grandson didn’t get stuck in school bus on an icy highway until past midnight like some students did in Atlanta. (Did I tell you I’m homeschooling him for Kindergarten?) 🙂


    1. Students were stuck at school overnight in a couple inches of snow? I knew it was difficult for southerners to be hit with a little snow but wow! It always amazes me that you manage to get any to stick at all.

      There was a school district just north of where I grew up that got rainy days off school. Many of their students lived on dirt roads and they were impassable during rain. It’s all relative.


    1. It feels really cold tonight. Why is that do you think? It’s the same temperature inside as always – in fact I turned the heat up a degree. But oh it feels cold.


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