somebody else’s problem

Charlie pretty much always neatly covers his poop. Except when he leaves his butt hanging outside the box. Usually he faces outside the box – often with the front half of his body outside the box. But he generally spends time carefully burying his poop.

Zoe, on the other hand, leaves her poop on top of the litter. Then she rushes in to wherever I am with a wide eyed look of horror on her face.


“Do you smell that?” She demands. “Somebody needs to do something about that!”

Overall, I think it best that everybody deal with their own poop.


5 thoughts on “somebody else’s problem”

  1. Such different styles. Alison’s cat Mari often poops partly in and out of the litter box which is why I put a tarp down under the litter box when she visits me. Yuck.


  2. They are funny and they are different, but it saddens me that no one seems to recognize an SEP when they see one. But I suppose that’s natural. The brain just edits it out.


  3. Too funny! Jack seems to get all offended after I clean his box and rushes to quickly deposit something so that it’s HIS again. He has that total, “Someone stole my poop!!” look.


    1. Zoe is thrilled to see me scoop her poop and really enjoys it if she can run in and poop while I’m in the bathroom. And she likes to check it out in the bin before I put the lid on.

      I’ve had cats that needed to pee in fresh litter immediately, too. Did I ever tell you that Stasia would wait by the door for me to get home then rush back to her box. “Something is in my box and I need to pee NOW!”


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