you can’t have it both ways

So… yesterday Charlie didn’t get dinner. Oh, I didn’t starve the little beast. They always have crunchies in their bowls. He just didn’t get canned food for dinner – because he decided to sleep instead of coming out to eat.

I went in and woke him up and told him it was dinner time. I went out to the kitchen and called him for dinner. I messed around finishing up my dinner while trying to not trip over Zoe who was very ready to eat. I called Charlie again and clinked their bowls around, opened up their food, etc., and he still wouldn’t come out so I fed Zoe and went and ate my dinner, too.

He came in and started bugging me for dinner a couple hours later. No, I explained to him, you didn’t want dinner. I’m not feeding you now. I looked in his pitiful little face and said No again. If it were just Charlie I’d feed him when he wanted but trust me, no way to feed him without feeding Zoe again. So No.

And I sort of watched myself explaining to the cat why he wasn’t getting dinner and said, “You’re a cat. You have no idea what I’m saying.” And he probably doesn’t but he did eventually give up and eat his crunchies.

Today, however, he was awake and ready for dinner two hours before dinner time. He spent the afternoon close to me and made absolutely sure that he wasn’t missing dinner again.

So now I think he should totally understand me and stop sharpening his claws on the couch.


2 thoughts on “you can’t have it both ways”

    1. Indeed Margaret. If they understand completely – and probably were able to speak plain English as well – they’d never let us know. Contrary little things.


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