it’s a beautiful day!

It’s dark and gray and raining. Yay! But it’s 45° and the rain is melting away whatever snow and ice are left. Yay!

I’ll go out and do local errands today. I think I’ll save Cassville for Monday when it’s supposed to be 50° and sunny. Next week sounds just lovely. Today, we celebrate the snow melting rain.


I was talking with one of my check-out lady buddies at Local Grocery and it seems most of the area didn’t get out until today. While we had a couple inches of snow – at least that’s what it looked like from my window – up top that was ice. Usually it’s the other way around. Up top clears up pretty quickly and down here the sun doesn’t hit any of the uphill angles and we stay frozen. And by the way, it’s uphill both ways from my house. “Which way should I come in?” friends ask. Well, if you come in the east entrance and you lose control coming down the hill you will run into a house. And if you come in the west entrance and you lose control coming down the hill, you might hit a house or you might just sail over the cliff into the lake. And where would you prefer to get stuck when you need to go uphill? Your choice, really. I got a robocall from my trash collector Monday night telling me that they wouldn’t be picking up the trash this week. We used to just assume that but now we get notified. Kind of nice, I had this horrible image of the collection guy falling down the upper drive and freezing to death because I don’t know when he shows up and I assumed he wouldn’t be coming at all this week.

At any rate, it was pretty bad in the top of the hill world this week. Glad that I am so prepared this year. I’m making Italian Sausage Soup and Split Pea Soup this weekend to help re-stock my soup supply.


4 thoughts on “it’s a beautiful day!”

  1. Our gales and rain have left for a while too and we’ve had cold weather instead, frost and clear skies, by favourite kind of winter weather.


    1. I am glad to see the snow go away. I suspect we haven’t seen the end of it but a week or so of cheery mild temperatures will do a lot to make us all feel better. And perhaps get some stuff done.


    1. I wish I could share with you Margaret. 🙂 I didn’t buy a bone-in ham this year for my birthday so I’m using turkey smoked sausage. A little nod to lower fat.


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