shouldn’t this be easier?

So, as a part of my January goals, I have spent the day not eating when I’m not hungry. Sounds easy. I’m never hungry in the morning though I have been eating lately. So just went with my coffee. Like I used to before I started eating breakfast again.

I’m supposed to eat within a couple hours of waking up. But I wasn’t hungry. By 2:00 in the afternoon I was feeling something. Not hunger. Kind of an emptiness. Kind of light headed. I checked my blood sugar and no, I wasn’t going low. I was, in fact, still quite high. Well, maybe a few days into this that will improve.

But I gave in and had some soup at 2:00. A mere 3 hours later I was sort of, kind of hungry. I’ve got dinner defrosting. I’m no longer hungry. I drank some tomato juice while taking my pills. Hunger is gone.

This is just weird.

So, I really am supposed to eat something within a couple hours of getting up. But I’m not hungry. So what do I do? If I had to have a cigarette within a couple hours of getting up I’d be smoking the whole day. So I eat? Is that going to set me up for eating the rest of the day?

And what kind of a crazy question is that?


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  1. I have a different schedule for eating breakfast. I do when I work, but when I’m off, I have my mocha then lunch, then a small dinner. I’m never very hungry; it’s a weird thing about me. However, I LOVE to snack, especially on crunchy or salty things.


    1. Crunchy and salty snacks are my favorites, too. Well, outside of toast. I have had a real thing for toast the past year or so.

      I feel frustrated since I think eating healthy and balanced meals ought to be easy. Clearly it isn’t for a whole lot of people but well it should be for me, right? 🙂


  2. Zazzy, since you have a medical condition that requires keeping your blood sugar levels consistent as much as possible, you may actually need to eat a little something when you’re not hungry.

    That said, I’m actually focusing on not eating when I’m not hungry. That’s really hard for me – I love to eat and snack. I also can do it quite mindlessly.

    When you think of healthy and nourishing – what comes to mind? Huge salads with lean protein and avocado? Those are great, but take planning and preparation. One of the things I used to do (and am figuring out how to get back to this) is to take 1/2 of a banana, a smear of peanut butter and wrap it up in a low-carb tortilla (La Tortilla Factory). Then I sliced that wrap into pinwheels for a ‘pretty’ snack. The real beauty of it though was that it was an almost perfectly balanced snack. And I’ve learned over the years that I need to eat balanced meals and snacks to avoid what a friend on MyFoodDiary calls “Eat The World” days.

    Go easy on yourself – it’s a learning process.

    – Maura


    1. It is a learning process. I need to keep reminding myself of that. It feels as though it should be very simple but then turns out more challenging than I think. Part of the problem is I think I tend to be a little all or nothing.

      No, what? me?

      I may have to eat on more of a schedule – and not snack or eat at night if I’m not hungry. I’m not sure I ever really feel hungry these days. I thought that was because I often eat too much but if I can easily go 12 or more hours without feeling hungry – perhaps my body just doesn’t know what hunger feels like anymore.

      But, provided I’m not mindlessly snacking (which I do well) daytime is not the problem anyway. It’s the eating when I’m not hungry after dinner and in the middle of the night.


  3. I’m with Maura on this one. I think you need to have a very small something within an hour or two of rising..

    I am so not a breakfast person. I struggle to eat when I wake up and for 4-6 hours afterward.. but if I have nothing at all I find that I get incredibly hungry when I do eventually get hungry.

    So I like to make myself eat a very small something within an hour or so when I first get up, usually with my coffee. A tiny bowl of muesli or one boiled egg usually does the trick for me. Maybe half a banana. 🙂


    1. On the one hand, I struggle to eat anything in the morning, I feel slightly nauseous at the thought. On the other, if I do eat I gravitate toward toast. Or other high carb foods. If I had cookies around I’d happily eat cookies for breakfast. So, I try to stick with protein in the morning – or brunch, rather. Or soup. My blood sugar tends to be it’s highest around lunch time whether or not I’ve eaten but is better if I stay with protein.


  4. Glucerna shakes are my new best friends. On days when I work (3-12 hr shifts) I drink 2 before I hit the floor as my breakfast. That way my stomach has something in it to keep me going and prevent me becoming ill from the am meds I take. Frequently I eat a salad and some Wendy’s chili for lunch. Wendy’s chili is incredibly easy on my BG. I drink Glucerna as snacks and drink 3 of them for dinner since eating anything else as late as I get off work tends to make higher BG’s in the am. It all adds up to 2K calories and keeps everything on an even level. Days off I still do Glucerna for breakfast, then whatever I dig up (low carb) for the other 2 meals. Maybe a shake in the am would work for you or is this something you have already tried?


    1. I really, really hate the shakes. Really. But the idea of something I eat or drink consistently in the morning is a good one. Something I can bear to do AND not have to put any real preparation into eating. Brunch just looks better. 🙂


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