happy christmas

Happy Christmas to All!

My neighbor Cindy brought over a Christmas basket for me this morning. Zoe generously came out to hiss at her.


But she came over after Cindy left to investigate the basket. Probably she was wary of the banana. Did you read about the lady who found an egg sac hatching on her bananas? No, no don’t click that link. I am now terrified of bananas and am half tempted to fling it out the door and over the hill.

I am using Dad’s digital camera. It’s not quite as good a camera as mine, but then – it actually works so I guess that’s the win.

The Charlie previously known as Kitty.

charlie kitty

What do you think? Should I have renamed him Jabba the Hutt? He and Zoe eat the same food – she actually eats more. But he’s the chubby one.

Did I tell you that my gift to me was a Kindle Fire HDX? It does what I want it to do and I can afford it since I quit smoking. I think my favorite part is cuddling with Charlie Kitty and watching him watch the Kindle. He particularly likes the fireplace app.

I hope that everyone is having a wonderful day.


12 thoughts on “happy christmas”

  1. HAHA on the kitties! 🙂 I bought both girls a Kindle Fire HD,but only Alison wants to keep hers. Ashley wants a bigger tablet that she can do work on, like read academically, take notes and highlight. (I think the Fire might work for that too,but we’re not sure) Have a wonderful Christmas, my friend.


    1. I spent a fair amount of time considering what I wanted a tablet for – and the Fire suits what I want more or less. If I had a lot more money to spend I’d consider one of those laptop/tablet hybrids. I can see where I’d want more features, especially a keyboard, if I were using it for work or school.


      1. Yes, I think Ashley needs the Fire for traveling due to its lightness and long battery life, but it’s not my decision. By the way, your comments aren’t coming through my e-mail like they used to. It’s weird. I always enjoy responding to people’s comments, but that function on typepad isn’t working very reliably these days. I really appreciate your support and compliments. (my purple coat is awesome, but a little cold for this time of year)


        1. You could leave typepad for a more modern, versatile blog format. 🙂 No, not seriously pushing you to do that but you should know, if you ever do choose to move, you will probably be able to import your posts from your typepad account.

          I appreciate having you around too, Margaret. I’m glad we “met” – through NaBloPoMo wasn’t it?


  2. Charlie is definitely more Charlie than Kitty! Kitty is a delicate name for a little fluffy thing. Your Charlie looks like he means business. Although Kitty could be ironic, you know like some really large people are called Slim or really tall people are called Tiny. Glad for you about the Kindle Fire. Of course I haven’t stayed off the sugar over Christmas – are you still a non smoker?


    1. It just feels a little weird to have a second cat named Charlie – but it just suits him so well! Casper, by the way, was his first name with us. But he’s no longer invisible or a Casper Milquetoast. Kitty was because Dad couldn’t remember a name. Oh, and Camelot was his name at the shelter. (shudder)

      This is Charlie the First, on the left.

      And yes, still off cigarettes. I did buy one of those little cigars – pipe flavored tobacco – to see if that would help that “I just want one” feeling. Didn’t. I think it made the craving a bit worse for a little while since it was not the same. I do like the taste, I used to occasionally smoke a pipe years ago. It would be nice if, maybe someday, I could treat cigarettes like I do Oreos. I rarely buy Oreos and when I do, they don’t last for long. But it’s not like I need them daily or several times per day. If I could rarely buy a pack of cigarettes and enjoy them without going back to smoking full time, that’d be pretty cool. Unlikely, but cool.

      I hope you find it easy to get back off the sugar if that is what you want. Remember that “One slip does not make one forever a failure anymore than one good turn makes one forever a saint.”


  3. My goodness that cat has had a few names! My mother in law has border collies and always has a Tim. Always. When Tim dies, they just get another one and call him/her Tim. That’s just what they do. :-/ I do want to get off the sugar as it is ruining my health and my life in different ways and I will be better off without it. Well done for not smoking, you are doing so well! That feeling of a-little-of-this-will-help-the-craving I know well. But I also now know that one is too many and a hundred never enough, so I won’t give in and will be well established once other occasions come around where there is an expectation to eat cake or whatever. I will be back with you within days! Your Charlie the first is gorgeous, wide eyed and inquisitive. Beautiful cat. Who is the other one? Ours are at the cattery for the duration. I’m sure they will hate us when we go to collect them 🙂


    1. We had Barnabus fishes. Many of them. So I suppose I can have two Charlies. The other one was Chester. The single most evil cat I’ve ever had. Loving in his own way but…… sadly intolerable problems.

      Good for you for being determined to get back to what is healthy for you. I have had some sugar over the holidays but my cravings have been more about salt and cheese and dip.


  4. Charlie is a perfect name, I think. I have two girls who look very much like him. They are Lucy and Georgette — I’m not sure what to call them: calicos? tabbies? tortoise-shell, or similar??). You caught him in a perfect cat pose!

    I, for one, am always glad when Christmas is over. A lot of reasons, but mostly because there is some pressure that comes with the day that I don’t like. To whom to give gifts, and what, and when, and if it becomes an obligation with a deadline, then it loses some of its symbolic meaning…or something like that. I like giving things to people, and who doesn’t like getting presents? I think I’m ranting & will stop.

    I hope you’re enjoying your Kindle. I have one, and use it off and on all the time. It’s fun just to download free books onto, if nothing else! And I especially hope that you’re still off the cigs. So many good reasons to stop.


    1. I think Charlie is a tabby. That’s the stripey cat. But the bottom half of him is white – is that still tabby? It’s like Zoe was part siamese and part stripey cat and now she appears all stripey, just seal point coloration left.

      Christmas was once more innocent. I remember it being fun but then I was a child and outside of the crap that we later coated Christmas with. In our family, at least, the who gift thing got insane. Me trying to win their love with the perfect gift – only rarely getting near that. Constant judgments and hidden messages with how much a gift cost. Anger, hurt feelings, disappointments. I came to hate it but not be able to step outside it. Well, now that part is over I guess. Oh well, dear, bitterness and my own ranting, eh?

      I love my reading Kindle and will probably continue reading on that. I don’t like the shiny screen for reading – other than maybe magazines – on the Fire.


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