you may be right, I may be crazy

Well, I made it with a few days to spare and got the Christmas tree up today. Excellent. It needs more fish. And more moose. You can never have enough moose. Mooses?

Family night was last Thursday. The weather cooperated with me. I’ve been saying that it could snow on me all it wanted if it’d wait until after Thursday and I didn’t even jinx myself. It’s definitely gotten cold again and it rained Saturday. I went out to the store in the rain because the forecast was for freezing rain and sleet and I needed just a few things for Christmas. I could have lived without but what the hell, ’tis the season to make sure we have enough sweet potatoes put by. It can now snow a couple feet and I won’t starve until February. Possibly February 2015.

Now, feel free to call me crazy. I think Kitty Kitty’s name is Charlie. And I kind of think he’s been trying to tell me this. I keep finding myself calling him Charlie and it couldn’t possibly just be that he reminds me of my Charlie from years ago. But I swear, when I gave up and just called him Charlie, he looked at me as if to say, “What took you so long?”

Tree up. Cat renamed. Exciting plans to vacuum and do laundry tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “you may be right, I may be crazy”

  1. Sounds like everything is going your way! How was family night? Are you going to write a post about it? I hope it went as OK as was possible. Glad you have enough food to last so long – we’re here in the West of Ireland for the Christmas holidays and dragged along so much stuff that we would probably be OK for about the same length of time. Sounds like your cat needed renaming and Charlie suits you both better. One of ours is called Yoda, which doesn’t suit me at all, so we call him Yo! da Cat and he seems to tolerate that quite well. My friend’s cat seems to be suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder. She’s posted a photo of him in front of her energy lamp. He stays there for hours at a time. I’ll try to tweet the photo.


    1. Family night was about as expected. No post planned – feel free to just reread the Thanksgiving family night post.

      I think freezer cooking has turned me into a minor hoarder. I want to keep some stockpiled, even not during winter, for convenience. I’m more inclined to cook and eat healthy food if I have it around. I need to remember to buy when things are on special. Or course, most of the time these days you can get better deals on boxed dinners than buying actual ingredients. Silly world.

      I want to see pictures of the West of Ireland! I hope you have a wonderful time over Christmas.


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