thank frogs aplenty

Free at last!

I was able to get the car wiggled over enough that I could also pick up the couple of little logs that were (surprise) making it harder than it had to be to move. The slippery leaves are too wet and heavy for me to move, though I tried to move some. But the further I could wiggle it over the further the next wiggle was until I could get it out completely. Plus, the side doesn’t look as badly scratched as I thought – kinda hard to tell with the dirt and mud.

I feel relieved. I got the mail – but not the packages. After 10 days they probably thought I was never going to get the mail again and moved my packages from the key bins. Tomorrow I hope.

Stopped by the store and replenished some stuff – plus bought frozen fruits and vegetables that I would typically buy fresh. Good to have in the freezer, I was missing them.

And I don’t have to waste time tomorrow trying to get someone out here to help me move the car. Instead, I hope to get back to the post office and over to Cassville. And possibly the doctor because I think I might have pneumonia. Maybe it’s just the stress of being stuck at home for some long. We are supposed to stay in the 50s until next weekend and even though there is some potential for winter weather then, I won’t care. I will have family night done and the freezer restocked and the stuff picked up from the post office (and maybe I’d better double check prescriptions) and it can snow on me as much at it wants.

Just remind me that if I want to try to get out again before the snow is completely gone – use the car in the nice dry carport. And maybe someday I will find someone to help me clean out the garage. It’d be cool to be able to stick my car in there.


4 thoughts on “thank frogs aplenty”

    1. It really felt nice to be out, even though I’m feeling sick. I am tired, have a wet, crackly, non-productive cough and feel like I can’t breathe. Last time I felt like this I also had a 103° fever which is missing this time. Probably viral but with all I need and want to do this week, I should probably make time for the doctor.

      But most importantly – I got out! It felt nice. And it’s still a lovely 43° out there though I’m sure it will drop further overnight. It’s December, it won’t last. But while it does, I hope to enjoy it.


  1. I’ve been without time for checking the internet and have missed a lot here! We have no snow yet (I’m in Seattle). While I would like a little just to see how my little guy reacts to it, I dislike having a snow day when I need to get things done. We don’t typically get much snow here, though.

    I’m glad you were able to get your car out, that must have felt really good to be able to do yourself! I can imagine it wasn’t any small effort. Sorry that you might have pneumonia though, hopefully it’s slight and won’t stick around for too long.


    1. Hey good to see you! I hope that life’s busyness has at least been fun. So much going on this time of year. Maybe you can drive – when the roads are nicely cleared – up to the mountains so the little dude can experience snow.

      It was definitely a relief to get my car out myself. I don’t like feeling dependent on other people – and if the leaves had been removed (relying on other people) I probably wouldn’t have had a problem in the first place. Blargh.

      Cough started breaking up some and I’d downgrade this to bronchitis.


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