happy friday the 13th

I am not sure I would have noticed but a friend of mine was asking what I would be doing to protect myself from serial killers and other potential dangers today.


I will invite the serial killer in if he can move my car. I tried unscrewing it yesterday and I think I made it worse. We’re having light rain today with highs around 40 so I’m hoping that’ll melt the rest of the snow – before it turns into sleet. I’d really like to get to the post office and maybe the store – will have to be the upstairs car if it really does get up to 40. If not, maybe tomorrow. Supposed to be around 50 and sunny by Monday. If I can’t move it by then – tow truck maybe?

The forecast has changed again. My car is never moving. Well, at least not this weekend.

The whole car thing is bizarrely stressful. Seriously. There is nothing I can do about it so why am I stressing? But I am. There’s no way to even walk around the damn thing right now so I’m picturing UPS trying to get past the stupid car. Or hey, an ambulance. Yes, Rusty, please walk around the top of the house and slog through the mud and melting snow and down the slippery wooden steps and then down around to my door – since if I’m calling 911 I presumably can’t get up the stairs. And how do we get me out?

See? Silly, improbable worries.

Perhaps I am just going to find something to worry about.

The actual bigger worry is getting to family night. And the nursing home wants gifts there by Tuesday and I haven’t even found something for Mom yet. You know, because I’ve been trapped inside the house by 8 inches of snow.

Bitch, bitch, bitch…


2 thoughts on “happy friday the 13th”

  1. I would be bitching about that much snow and would be nervous about the car. Also, I would feel horribly trapped by not being able to get out. I understand completely!


    1. Well, if I were less afraid of ice and falling, I probably could have gone out today. It hovered right at freezing all day and I kept waiting for it to crawl up toward 40 like the forecast claimed. It’s still hovering at 32 and raining. Might get snow overnight, might not. My best shot is probably going to be Monday. I’ll be able to get out upstairs and maybe figure out what to do about my car in the lower drive.


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