going out on a limb…

…and calling this as our first major snow of the season. I think we’ve got maybe 5 inches now with the possibility of another inch. This is more snow than we had all last season. I hope it isn’t a portent of what is to come. I hate being trapped in the house.

snowy trees

I haven’t been out to where I could see the road to know how much is sticking there, but I think there isn’t much hope that the roads remained clear. It’s going to be below freezing until at least next Wednesday so not a lot of chance of it melting before then. At least I don’t have Mom or Dad here with the risk of a medical emergency.

first snow

And the good news is that I’m moving a little more easily. Slowly, but at least I’m moving. I slept a lot of yesterday – probably due to the drugs – so I should be fairly well rested. I’d like to get a little bit done today. I’ll be imitating the turtle and going slow and steady. Rabbits need not apply.


6 thoughts on “going out on a limb…”

  1. That would shut our whole area down. :)5 inches is a major snow storm here! I also hate being cooped up, no fun after the first day or so. Stay warm! Glad to hear you’re moving around slowly but surely because that’s progress.


    1. I heard that some parts of your area are getting hit with winter weather. This isn’t that unusual – except that it’s been so mild the last few years. It doesn’t shut down the whole area, just our road. No plowing and really steep hills – plus a cliff. It all equals staying home.


  2. That would be a major snowfall here, too. No way we’d get out of the village, steep hills and no snow-plough and all that. I’d stay home too, seems safer all round and what a pretty view you have! Reasonably warm here still, surprisingly. Somewhere between 4-10 degrees C (40-50F) depending on time of day. Stay warm!


    1. Are you hoping to stay warm or are you yearning for snow? I was actually kind of hoping for snow this time – but I’m over it now. I’d kind of like to get out of the house. Patience…


      1. We’re completely stuck when it snows here. Only 4×4 vehicles can get through, we just do not prepare in this country. I hate being stuck so, while I’m sure we will get snow, I hope it’s late and light. I like to get out of the house too..


        1. Yeah, as far as I’m concerned I’ve had my snow for the year. But we are really due for a snowy winter. It’s been several years since we had much snow. Though, if nature wants to give me another mild winter, I won’t complain.


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