We’ve made it to December 5th without any seriously nasty weather, so I probably shouldn’t complain. It was only a few weeks ago that I turned on the heat. But a winter weather front is slowly moving through the area and killing me.

It’s not the nasty weather, per se. There’s a light layer of ice on the porch rails but so far not the patio. It is supposed to stay cold and light rain changing to freezing rain changing to snow with the possibility of a 3 inches, or so they say. I find myself almost hoping for snow. It’d be prettier than this drizzle. It’s the first snow, it was 62° yesterday so I don’t expect it to last. Still, I did go to the store yesterday and picked up some bread and creamer – and kitty litter. Kitty litter is very important!

No, it’s the nasty change in barometric pressure. It seems that this autumn, strong fronts coming through are going to be hell. I can only sit upright a few minutes at a time. This too shall pass and that’s all the complaining I am going to do. Well, except that I can’t play with the new washer and dryer today. That sucks.

The kitties are amusing me and I wish I could get a picture. You know Kitty, can’t point a camera at him. And also, my view screen on my camera has gone black. Oh, and Canon is being oh so (not) useful. First they told me that the camera couldn’t possibly be fixed – you know, because it’s six years old. I was filling out the customer satisfaction survey when I decided that I should give them another chance so I emailed them again and asked them to actually answer my questions. Haven’t heard back. Go figure.

But the kitties! When they aren’t trying to kill each other, Kitty Kitty has taken to sleeping with his head on Zoe’s tummy. She is remarkably patient – possibly due to the heated throw they are laying on. It is just so sweet. Sometimes Zoe lays curled up around Kitty’s head and sometimes she is stretched out with his head resting on her tum. So very cute. I need some kind of sneaky camera that Kitty won’t run away from.

I’ll get right on that.

And here – if you are trapped inside here is a bit of nostalgia to play with. Fly Guy. If you’ve never played with Fly Guy, be sure to try all the little thingies.


4 thoughts on “freeeeeeeezing”

  1. Oh, miserable for you!! Our normally temperate climate has decided to give us a REAL WINTER this year. Under freezing for a high and this Saturday the low is supposed to be 8. Unheard of around here. Brrrr!!


    1. Brrrrr Margaret! Monday night we’re supposed to have a low around 0° but it looks like the rest of the nights we’ll be in the teens. Cold enough. And since I wrote this post earlier it turned to snow and started sticking. I’m guessing around 3 inches so far. Haven’t seen whether it’s sticking to the road. Not supposed to be over freezing until Wednesday or Thursday so I should be glad for all the meals I’ve frozen the past few months.


  2. I wonder how you have so much snow at 62 degrees, and we don’t. There must be an environmental reason. It has to get much closer to freezing before it snows here. Would love a photo of the two cats curled up together (ours won’t do that) when you can sneak up on them 🙂


    1. I was really amazed that much stuck when the temperatures dropped so quickly. 62 one day, snowing the next. But it’s stayed cold. It is melting, finally, and I hope stays above freezing for a while.


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