good monday morning

I’m on time this week to talk about goal progress. I should get a check mark for that.

I’m continuing to work on the ongoing goals. I find that I quite enjoy eating out in the living room away from my desk and computer. I read while I eat which slows down my eating. And sometimes I continue to sit there and read when I’m done eating. It’s nice. Mostly, I read for entertainment, I’ve stalled on my goal book.

Which is part of the next one, really. I continue to try and stop negative self talk. I’ve had a couple times this week that the voices felt louder and stronger. One of the side effects of Chantix is depression so that could be it. If so, I’ll tolerate it. The Chantix is short term. But with regard to the book, I find myself stuck at the part where they acknowledge that there is a difference between feeling that you’re fat which nearly all women can identify with and actually being fat. And that’s where I’m stuck in general. I have trouble picturing being able to truly accept myself as I am. I think it might be a necessary part of long term change. I need to get back to reading.

The toilet is fixed! I called the handyman guy who did return my call but has not gotten over here to start anything yet. Perhaps I need to find someone else.

This week, I’d like to get started cleaning out the closet. I decided to wait to start that mess till after the washer and dryer get here.

I did a little of the upstairs chores. Given the busyness of the holidays, it might be better to wait to get help with the upstairs. I could be imagining things but I’d think a lot of people might be trying to get help in before holiday parties.

I haven’t done the flea market thing yet but I’ve been sick. I am still sick. Today is quit day. I hope that the bronchitis clears out quickly. I’m tired of it.


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    1. Currently I’m reading The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. I became aware of it because I got hooked on Mental Floss on YouTube. Host of that show turns out to be an author! Who knew?

      On my table is the most recent Jasper Fforde book, The Woman Who Died A Lot. If you haven’t read the Thursday Next books, you really ought to give them a try. You might be someone who really enjoys them. Get thee to a library or kindle or bookstore and pick up The Eyre Affair.


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