happy thanksgiving!

The kitties and I would like to wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving. Yesterday was pumpkin pie making day – and I think I have the prettiest crust I’ve ever made. It’s the same crust recipe I used for the Caramelized Onion, Apple and Bacon tart – in fact it’s the other half of that recipe. It rolled out nice and I made little scalloped half circles and stuck them to the edge. It’s pretty! Turkey breast is brining and sweet potatoes are cooking. It’s a relaxing day here. A little cooking, a little eating later. Gaming with friends tonight.

I hope you are all having a lovely day.


4 thoughts on “happy thanksgiving!”

  1. I’m intrigued by your onion, apple, and bacon tart. I usually resist adding fruit to any dish that, in my mind, should be salty but I’ll give it a try. I’m feeling experimental now that I roasted Brussel sprouts (or is it Brussels sprouts?) for T’Giving and a lot of people told me they liked them — people who normally wouldn’t get near a B. sprout.
    My T’Giving was fine but as usual I’m glad it’s behind me. These mandatory family events usually drive me straight to the tranquilizers, although I managed to get through this one w/o popping one. (Yay!) I was however confronted by an in-law of an in-law who wanted to know, basically, why my husband and I weren’t accepting his and his wife’s invitations to have dinner more often. We do accept them, just much, much less often than in the past. It was a surprise confrontation so I didn’t have any prepared remarks. The truth is that he’s a big know-it-all and we usually get into an argument about something idiotic when we have dinner. He’s always making Huge Pronouncements that are often quite wrong. He can’t help himself. And I can’t help myself from pointing out what I think is inaccurate about his Huge Pronouncements. On Thursday his inaccurate Huge Pronouncement was about the origins of novels. I was a good girl and bit my tongue. Fortunately seated next to me was my SIL who was also an English major in college so she gently corrected him. It didn’t turn into a big faceoff but she got the point across.
    I know I should be grateful that I (a) have relatives who (b) invite me to holiday dinners that (c) are generally nice events. But believe me, I would have been just as happy to stay at home and eat pizza. (Although, as Margaret said in a blog post, not being invited, even to a dinner you don’t want to attend, is often worse than being invited.)


    1. I have come to really enjoy fruit in savory dishes. Chicken salad, some stews are great with raisins or other dried fruits, and pork especially loves fruit. But not everyone will love it. I hope that you enjoy the tart because it is the single most delicious thing I’ve made lately.

      Sometimes I am glad I have a small family and none of my extended family is close with us. I’ve never had to deal with family feuds or slights. And while my uncle was an alcoholic and obnoxious to be around, we almost never saw him. I guess we have had enough drama in our immediate family to make up for it. I’m with you though, a quiet evening at home is generally preferable to a large gathering for me.


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