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Our friend Margaret is considering getting a kitty. Maybe. It’s not the right time and she’s not sure. So I thought I’d share some of our recent kitty stories here at Chez Zaz.


This is Zoe and Kitty sharing the electric blanket. It’s a rare moment of peace. I read recently that most cats don’t actually want a little pal. They’re mostly solitary animals and prefer not to have another cat around. I will say that Zoe has never really appreciated the fun and excitement that Kitty has brought into her life. When Kitty moved in last January, Zoe spent most of her time under the chair or under the bed. She stands up for herself now. That’s probably a good thing except at 3:00 in the morning when they are wrestling for possession of the bed. On top of me.

Recently, most of our excitement around here has revolved around eating issues. Isn’t that ironic? It worries me because Zoe is acting a lot like Stasia did before she got sick – or as she was getting sick. She’s getting pickier about her food and I feel like I’m constantly trying to find something she will eat. She’s always been kind of picky, though. I’m watching her.

Some months ago, they both decided that they didn’t like Iams anymore. It was okay, I was planning on switching them anyway and Science Diet’s Hairball Formula was great as far as they were concerned. Until recently, when Zoe decided she didn’t like it. So, since she was throwing up a lot and I’m told that if your cat has a sensitive stomach, it’s almost certainly wheat or corn, I decided to switch them to a grain free food. Kitty didn’t like Spot’s Stew crunchy food. They both like the canned food.

But I’d rather feed them the same food. So I got some small bags of Science Diet’s new grain free food and Innova’s grain free food. The first day, they both loved the new Science Diet. You’d think I’d stop there. But no, I wanted to see which they liked best. Turns out they like Innova best. In fact, Zoe only likes Innova. She likes it well enough that she will fill up on it instead of her canned food, and I suppose that’s not a bad thing. Except she still insists on being fed her canned food and sometimes she eats it. Sometimes she leaves it in her bowl so that Kitty can fill up on it. You can’t really tell in the picture but Kitty is getting really fat. He must be twice Zoe’s size.


In fact, Kitty looks an awful lot like this little puppy. He has these cute chubby cheeks and a double chin. Zoe is not overly thin but she’s not chubby anymore. And there is no practical way of feeding them separately. The next thing you know Kitty will have diabetes or something.

Having cats is fun. A lot of the time, it really is. Snuggling is nice. Watching them play together. You know, when they aren’t trying to kill each other. They’re entertaining. They aren’t a lot of work except for my frogs they can throw the litter around. How it gets behind the high sided litter box is beyond me. Or behind the trash can. Or under the rug.

Sometimes, they’re so bad it’s hilarious. Zoe got up on the counter and stole a piece of raw bacon. It was almost worth letting her keep it but I just couldn’t reinforce that behavior. Reminded me of the time that Chester took a piece of chicken out of the frying pan – while it was cooking. It was so hot that he dropped it – straight down to Fred and I sat there laughing so hard I couldn’t yell at either one of them. You really should have seen Chester’s face.

top of fridge

That’s Chester there on the right. He and Charlie used to practically live on top of the fridge. They didn’t care for Fred.


Remember Fred? How could you not love that face? And he thought he was a cat.

I’ve had pets since I was born. Our dog Perky was part of the family before me. I’ve had a couple months here and there in my life when I didn’t have a pet. Some were crazier than others. All have a piece of my heart. Even these two brats.


8 thoughts on “living with kitties”

  1. Sweet story. It brings back to mind my days with our 2 kitties. They were a hoot, when they weren’t getting on my every last nerve. Which, thinking back in retrospect, added to their hoot-i-ness. [a word?]


    1. Hootiness works for me. Chester was the craziest, worst behaved cat I have ever had – yet I have a lot of funny stories about him. I can’t imagine not having pets but they aren’t for everyone. The pain in the butt part can be a little offputting. 🙂


  2. I am still pondering. Honestly, for a rational person, I also believe in signs. I think I will KNOW when it is time to get a cat(if) and when the circumstances present. For example, if my brother and SIL decide to get rid of Oscar, one of their cats, I would take him in a heartbeat. If I see on FB that a friend has to get rid of a loving kitty, I probably won’t be able to restrain myself. I’m just in a holding pattern right now. 🙂


    1. Yup. I believe the right kitty shows up at the right time. Of course, the last time I said that I got Zoe.

      You might want to rush out a buy an unknown kitty.


  3. When I met my husband, he was clear – love me, love my cats. Fortunately, I was the same way. And we love our cats!

    My boy Fergus was a rescue and it was definitely serendipity. On a Saturday, about 4 years ago, we purchased Tag – a pure-bred Siamese – for DH. Tag was so cute and wonderful and I had severe kitten envy. The very next Monday, a lady at work asked DH if we wanted a kitten. My first response was not no, but hell no. Then he sent a picture. I was a goner. A gray tuxedo with mittens. The person who had Fergus was about to take him to a kill shelter so our first thoughts were to avoid that but I was reluctant to bring yet another cat in the house. I think there 8 at that time. But the little face in the picture prevailed and I got Fergus and thank goodness I did. He’s a bad mischievous boy. He’s also rough and tumble and loves to play with his brothers. And he’s a total sweetheart.

    Life without cats? I can’t imagine it.


    1. Hard to imagine 8 at a time, too. The most I’ve had is two and a dog. It’s hard enough to keep up with these two – who, by the way, have decided they like the Spot’s Stew hard food after all. Maybe they just like variety.


    1. What a sweet face! How could he possibly be bad? It has been my plan to get an all gray cat for… 15 years. Never happens. A gray tuxedo would be close.

      Petee was my parents’ tuxedo – also a rescue kitty.

      When Zoe first came here, she appeared to be part Siamese. She may be part Siamese, she still has something of the body shape. But she’s all stripey now. She was also a rescue kitty.


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