kitty update

kitty and zoe

Last month was spent mostly talking about the LMWL challenges, so no kitty updates. Zoe and Kitty are getting along much better although they still roll around and try to pull each other’s hair out. Once in a while, one or the other of them will flop down nose to nose with the other then they wash each other. “Hold still!” one of them will insist, and push the other’s head down with a paw and then go back to washing his/her ears. They both end up in bed with me, Kitty likes his spot up by my chest, Zoe prefers to curl up mushed into the pillow of my tummy. Kitty still occasionally defends the bed against Zoe but it’s improving.

Yesterday they were sleeping together on the bed and convinced me not to disturb them in order to strip the bed to do laundry. It won’t ruin anything to put it off a day. It’s nice to see them getting along together.


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    1. My mom made that quilt for me! It’s an Amish pattern with pastel colors that I picked out. It’s starting to get old and a bit faded and I’m thinking I should pack it away or hang it on the wall to protect it. On the other hand, Mom made it to be used and it a piece of her I have by me every night.


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