harry and friends

A few people have asked me how Harry is doing. I put out chicken remnants tonight and Harry came to have dinner. Not the greatest photo but for at night and through the screen, not that bad.


I was told by the conservation department that he wouldn’t survive in the wild. Here we are three years later and Harry looks like he’s doing fine. Raccoons have an average lifespan of two to three years in the wild and Harry was an adult when I met him so he’s beaten the odds.

I love Harry.


Our little skunk friends continue to visit also. They cause no problems and I’ve never been sprayed even when I’ve been out on the patio with them. A couple years ago, a mama skunk brought her three babies to visit while I was out there and they were soooo curious about me. This year, there is a beautiful girl with an almost all white back and tail. I’d love to get a snap of her.


6 thoughts on “harry and friends”

    1. None of my raccoons have ever been vicious. We did have a pair, whom I called Grabby and Chubby, who would knock on the door for treats if I hadn’t put anything out. I taught them to take treats by hand and Grabby was… grabby. So, I decided they’re wild animals and will toss them treats. Harry will come over and kind of pat my foot or leg if I’m sitting outside when he comes. Stasia used to get out once in a while and she and the raccoons would just ignore each other. I know they can tear a dog up pretty badly but I don’t think they look to be aggressive, just defending themselves.

      Skunks? No fast movements. They haven’t sprayed here even when one would get in a kerfluffle with one of the raccoons. I don’t think they spray unless they’re really threatened.


    1. I haven’t seen the foxes around here in several years. Always amazes me how shy they are – for some reason, I don’t expect that.


      1. Ours are anything but shy! They are getting extremely bold, especially nearer to London and have even been known to attack children. Not this far out though. But they do stand and stare at you if you happen to come face to face with one. Creepy, sometimes.


        1. I kind of expect them to be a little less skittish. Mine will take off if they even see me near the door. Perhaps they have more reason to be afraid of people here.


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