an out there idea

Several of us have talked about wanting to change out some of the clothes in our closets. I would love to be able to send some to anyone who might find them useful and it wouldn’t cost very much with the post office’s one price boxes or UPS. Well, unless I sent the whole big pile.

Obviously, they aren’t going to be everyone’s style or size. Anyone interested can contact me privately through that nice little “Contact Me” link there on the upper right of the header and we can discuss sizes and addresses and stuff.

Just My Size jeans
Yoga Pants
A Couple of Henleys
Oh… and a couple of cargo-type pants with sparklies.


2 thoughts on “an out there idea”

  1. What are Henleys? I would like some yoga pants, but the only time I wore anything like that (to pick up my younger daughter from gymnastics practice) she threatened to never be seen with me again. 😉


    1. Henley’s are collared knit shirts with around 3 buttons.

      Kids are silly. Yoga pants are really, really comfortable and I think they’re pretty flattering. They flare a little below the knee.


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