part 2….coming tomorrow

Last night was a horrible night for sleep. At 5AM, when I’ve hardly slept and I’m eating toast because my stomach is gurgling, I feel a totally unwarranted despair. The world is a bleak place where nothing will ever be good again.

A little overly dramatic is my sleep deprived self.

Better now but not quite up to writing something coherent. So, we’ll see you tomorrow. By the way, it is really hard to do only one thing while I’m eating.


6 thoughts on “part 2….coming tomorrow”

    1. A little. Have I written how I’m trying to change my bedtime ritual? I am finding it harder than it looks like it should be. For example, I decided to lay down and read a bit last night before I got ready for bed and fell asleep around 10, woke up a little after midnight and the process of getting ready for bed woke me up again so I didn’t get back to sleep for hours. Sigh. Then I was fidgety eating and up and down until around 6 when I finally got some solid sleep.


      1. Ah, you need to get ready for bed and THEN read(that’s what I do); when I get tired, I just put the book on the nightstand and go to sleep. (ideally)


        1. Oooh nooooes. Weirdly, during the day if I lay down to read and elevate my leg for a while, zonk I’m asleep. At night? If I read I will still be reading at 3AM. My new plan is be tired first then go to bed, no reading in bed. Sometimes it works – the problem right now seems to be that I’m trying to step down going to sleep at 4AM to around midnight. Never quite know when I’m going to be sleep ready so I’m struggling with a new schedule.


  1. Zaz – it is most important for me to get out every day. I cannot stand being cooped up.
    But it is hard to get revved up for the day. I take so many oral meds that in the morning I feel slightly hungover and it’s a challenge to get going. Yet, just a couple of hours later I feel much better and ready to engage in the day.


    1. Heya MN. 🙂

      I have a nap attack around noon every damn day. No matter what I’ve tried, no matter how much or little I sleep. No matter when I wake up. Around noon, compelled sleep. That’s fine if it’s a half hour nap but if I wake up 2 or 3 hours later it kinda messes with my day.


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