winding down #lmwlchallenge

This month of Live More, Weigh Less is down to it’s final days. Yesterday, while I didn’t book a massage, I took a long, hot shower, exfoliated and moisturized. Did a face masque and filed and buffed my nails. Did a little pedicure and massaged my footies. I went back and forth between feeling pressured to do something and feeling good about it. Interesting that. My shrink will happily tell you that all you need to do is tell me to do something and I will dig my heels in.

Or maybe it was just the onset of this rotten cold. I had good intentions for today. I thought I might French braid my hair which fancies it up a bit but still keeps it out of my face. But I feel like hell and even doing that much feels like too much energy. I’ll put it on my list for goals next week.

I still plan to have a “date” with myself tomorrow night. Cooking a chicken, watching a movie – I think I’ll skip gaming Saturday night. I could use a break anyway. It’s been a long time since I took an evening just for me. I want to throw my cookie dough together tomorrow so it can rest for a day before I bake it. I’m tempted, since I’m not feeling great and I’m baking other stuff, to buy something decadent for Sunday. It’s just that I’m so in the mood for something autumnal – either sweet potato pound cake or a pumpkin based “everything cake.” We’ll see.

The challenge is almost over. I’m thinking about what I’ve learned and what I want to do next. More on that later.


2 thoughts on “winding down #lmwlchallenge”

  1. I vote for the pumpkin cake. YUM!! I intend to decorate this weekend and take some fallish flowers up to the cemetery. The weather here will require staying inside with a book, possibly with the fire on.


    1. I can’t get fresh cranberries yet – so the sweet potato cake it is. It looks like I’m cooking a lot this weekend. You want to vote on my movie choice? Mama Mia or The Devil Wears Prada?


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