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Well, here we are at the last week. After our discussion yesterday I’m trying to take a look at this week’s challenges and make them my own. I’m not in the same place in my life as what some of these challenges seem to imply, so I’ll do what I can to stretch outside my comfort zone or to meet the idea behind the challenges.

Day #21
Monday, 9/23: Wear a Fabulous Dress
…dressing AS IF we love how we look, actually helps us start to see ourselves as beautiful.

Day #22:
Tuesday, 9/24: Plan a Date for This Weekend
…with your fine self …

Day #23
Wednesday, 9/25: Stand Up Straight

Day #24
Thursday, 9/26: Book a Massage

Day #25
Friday, 9/27: Do Your Hair

Day #26
Saturday, 9/28: Flirt With a Stranger

Day #27
Sunday, 929: Eat Cake
…to eat cake, or something that feels incredibly delicious and decadent to you.

Day #28
Monday, 9/30: Give Someone a Gift
Random acts of kindness make us feel alive, abundant and fulfilled.


It’s been a while. I don’t wear dresses but I think the idea behind this challenge is to dress up and put some effort into looking nice. My comfort zone is my comfy jeans and long t-shirts. I don’t really own anything else at the moment. I lost a lot of weight a few years ago and I got rid of all the clothes that no longer fit. Then I gained most of that weight back. I haven’t bought much besides what I absolutely had to because I tell myself I want to lose weight first. I don’t want to waste money on nice clothes that won’t fit when I lose weight.

So my goal for today is to start the shopping process, looking for clothes that I think will look nice that are outside my jeans and tee uniform. I can’t afford to buy anything right now but I can make plans and start setting aside some money toward the idea of – well, not only dressing better but having clothes appropriate for different occasions. In my neck of the woods, even the few nicer restaurants are jeans appropriate but it’d still be nice to have something a little more dressy once in a while.


Plan an activity for this weekend. Based on our conversation yesterday, I realized it’s been a long time since I did something nice just for me. There is so much I need to do around here and just keeping up with normal chores is hard when I start adding in all the extras that I need to get to. I get overwhelmed and feel like I’m not getting anything done at all – which makes doing something outside of chores or sorting and cleaning projects feel sort of unimportant. I’m not sure whether I’ll plan something at home or go somewhere and I’m not sure whether I’ll change days around a bit.


I’ve always tried to have pretty good posture. I was trained in this at a young age. However, I walk with a cane or walker and there’s a certain amount of stooping involved. So I will try to be more conscious of walking as upright as possible and carrying myself with better posture.


Nope, not going to happen. Is it going to surprise you when I say that this is something I am extremely uncomfortable with? I could easily blame the cost which certainly is a factor – but someone could give me a gift certificate and I still wouldn’t do it. There’s going outside my comfort zone and then there’s going so far that it would actually be traumatic for me at the moment. So, what could I do in the spirit of the challenge? I’m thinking maybe self massage. Instead of just rubbing in my moisturizers, spending that time massaging and appreciating my body.


Hmmm. Okay. I’ve gotten in the habit of being pretty lazy with my hair. Pony tails and hair clips! So, okay, I can do this.


Let’s change this to Talk to a stranger. Trust me, that’s a big enough challenge for me.


I feel like I do too much calorie splurging as it is. BUT, typically it involves impulses and guilt so I think I will plan on a decadent dessert for Sunday and make it a celebration. I want to take the time to really enjoy whatever I decide to make and appreciate all the flavors and textures. And then not feel all guilty for it.


This is something I truly enjoy. Finances limit how often I do this but let’s think about something I could do that would be nice for someone else but not be a huge financial burden for me. Right now, I’m thinking maybe cookies for the nurses and staff that take care of Mom and Dad.

While planning for this week, I’m also thinking about different things I can incorporate as I continue to set goals for myself past this month. I think that was a really good idea from ALKD. The challenges I typically set for myself are not fun and feel more like self-punishment than taking care of myself. Going forward, I need to include things that are fun and taking care of me instead of the kind of “rewards” that are only given when I meet some arbitrary weight loss goal.


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  1. At least you’ve stuck with this, Zazzy, and thought about how you could make the challenges fit in with you and what you are comfortable with. That’s a lot of time spent assessing and you’ve come up with some great ideas for going forward. You may not have stuck to the exact letter, but it sounds like you’ve got a lot out of this anyway.


    1. I’ve gotten more out of it than I wanted to admit. 🙂 I still don’t click with Sarah but it’s true that the challenges have reminded me of things that do work for me and maybe inspired me to start using them again.


  2. Zazzy, it looks like you’ve been doing some real thinking about this week’s challenges and have made them your own. Good going. Other than look that the challenges and throw a simple dress today (I’m WFH after all did have a dress suitable for home), I haven’t thought of my alternatives yet. I do think the little things can help and perhaps lead to a mindset that the bigger things (not eating when not hungry, for example) are easier to manage.

    I’m glad I found your blog through this challenge. It was quite refreshing to learn I wasn’t the only one having difficulties ‘buying’ all the challenges as helpful.


    1. I’m glad you found me, too – and that I finally made it over to your house. I’ve got a much better attitude this week and I really am trying to look at the big picture rather than Sarah’s specific challenges. It’s too easy to get stuck and just not do anything. I hope to take the things I’ve found useful and keep moving forward.


  3. Flirt with a stranger isn’t my style either, nor is wearing a pretty dress. I dress up for work so around the house, I’m grubby and comfortable. I like massages and I LOVE cake. Can I just do those days? 😉


  4. I’m excited that you’ll be giving yourself more challenges after this is done too. 🙂 The challenges for this week are underwhelming. I didn’t have a dress to wear today, almost wore a skirt, but didn’t get around to shaving my legs. So I wore an outfit I felt confident in that wasn’t my usual all black and wore lipstick. Felt pretty good until I stained my pants during lunch. Oh well. Still calling it a success!

    I guess the date I plan for this weekend will be with my baby? My husband works weekends (and has mandatory overtime on top of that this weekend). Perhaps I can plan a date with a friend. Haven’t had friend time in awhile.


    1. I call that a success, too. I was not dressed up today and cleaning and vacuuming were on my list – and actually got done. Not doing my hair and makeup for that.

      Friend time sounds great. Maybe you could even get a babysitter so you have real time for you and your friend?


      1. Well, I cheated and got a head start on tomorrow — I have a sewing date with my mother-in-law (in the world of mother-in-laws, I have been blessed with a pretty awesome one). Halloween is a big deal for me and she’s going to help me with this year’s costumes, so I’m pretty excited. No babysitter needed, because I’m betting baby & Papa will have some dude time together while we sew.

        Now I need to figure out what to do about the rest of the week. Stand up straight is something I really need to do better about. My back is always hurting, and it’s mostly thanks to slouching in front of a computer (mostly at work, but I don’t do a lot better at home either). So that one’s great. I am really tempted to book a massage. I’ve done a little overtime so we have some extra money, but we need to buy a new carseat first, so I think the massage is going to be put on hold for a bit. Doing my hair completely depends on how much my baby gets himself involved in my morning routine. I might look up a couple new easy updos though, so I can break out of my ponytail/sloppy bun routine. Flirt is bleh for me. I like your idea, although as a job I am a student advisor, and we’ve just kicked off the new year, so in meeting a ton of brand new students, you could technically say I’ve been talking with strangers non-stop. But I think I’m going to go out of my way to say hello to people I don’t know on campus when I step out of the office. Eat cake I have absolutely no problems with! Except that now I have to figure out what kind of cake I should make. 🙂

        Give a gift is the day I’m most looking forward to, and I think I’m actually going to do this at work. It’s my mission to improve morale at work (since I don’t feel able to leave this job just yet), and I’m finally seeing some improvements this year (this year, my boss has stopped viewing these efforts as a waste of time, so coworkers feel allowed to enjoy it and pass it on). Since Monday is going to be the start of the 2nd week of the quarter for us, I think I’ll bring in treats for the office as my gift. It’ll be a “Hey! We worked hard & survived!” gift.


        1. You have some very good plans!! Getting together with your mother in law and making Halloween costumes sounds like a lot of fun. I can’t sew but I’m pretty good at directing.

          When it was my job, I talked to strangers all the time and that was easy. It’s a lot harder to talk to real strangers. I think smiling and saying hi to people you don’t know on campus (and even those you do) sounds great.

          I need to decide on a treat, too. Cheesecake is my go-to and I have a great recipe but I’m not in the mood. I want to try something new and different. I am pretty sure I’m going to make chocolate chip cookies, since almost everyone likes those, and take them to the nursing home and the folks at rehab who haven’t seen me in months.

          Still struggling with coming up with a plan for the weekend. I loathe crowds so it will probably be a home activity. Or maybe I’ll just choose a different day.


  5. I am not a big massage person myself, but when we were in Hawaii last time we tried foot reflexology.

    I’m definitely going back for another session when we go back this year – it was very painful when it was happening to me however for the rest of the trip it was like walking on clouds.

    And, I had this pain in my shoulder that I’d had for months and couldn’t get rid of, after the massage session on my feet it was magically gone, forever.

    I do believe in the whole reflexology and pressure points thing. I know exactly where to put pressure to get rid of a headache quickly, or to clear my sinus..

    So I wonder if reflexology might be something you could include in your self massage.

    If you google search for reflexology you’ll find all different kinds of charts and stuff. Some of them show different pressure points for different things, which is confusing. 😉


    1. I would like to think that reflexology is totally nuts – but I’ve seen it work, too. And definitely part of my self-massage will be caring for my footies. I’ll have to look up some charts and see if those pressure points work for me. I’d kill to solve my shoulder pain by rubbing my feet!


  6. I like your twists on some of these daily tasks. (And I had to laugh at the “flirt with a stranger” idea. Actually, flirting with a stranger sounds kinda dangerous, but I know what SJ was getting at — engage with other people, be playful, be upbeat, be outgoing. I can think of a dozen ways to do that w/o flirting with strangers!) I too am not comfortable with massages, but the one personal care routine I just love is getting a pedicure. I’ve only done it a handful of times, for very special occasions, but I’m always glad when it’s over. And for someone with diabetes you can always justify it on the grounds of taking care of your feet! One friend with diabetes told me that it’s covered by some health plans for that reason.

    Tomorrow is stand up straight day. I’m not doing the program but I think I will try to remember to straighten my shoulders as much as possible anyway. Always a good idea!
    PS: I apologize for my long, rambling musings about losing weight the other day. I feel a little silly since you have said at least once that eating during the night is your most problematic time of day and I completely ignored that as I went on and on about restricting calories during the day. So now I’m trying to think of what you could do in the middle of the night that might help you resist eating. Make yourself post something on your blog instead? Sort of a middle-of-the-night rumination on why you want to eat? Habits are SO hard to change. Especially habits that bring us pleasure.

    Good luck as you continue to hang in there with the program!


    1. No problem at all Pam. Everyone’s comments make me think – and it does occasionally happen that I go off the rails during the day, it’s just not a constant issue. I’m thinking that sleep would be my best remedy for not eating at night and I’m making some changes in my bedtime ritual to hopefully address that. I am sooooo tired and then by the time I brush my teeth and wash my face and put on my jammies, etc., I’m wide awake. So, I’m thinking I need to do that stuff earlier – and brushing my teeth should discourage me from eating more after my snack, too. Go straight to bed once I’m tired. Which is pretty much now so I’m already outside my new plan. It’ll take time to get used to it. And not reading once I get in bed.

      Yeah, these things sound obvious don’t they? Wonder why I haven’t tried this before? Because we can easily be blind to the obvious! So, never worry about whether you (or anyone) is making a silly comment. Everything can make me think and you never know where that will end up.

      Pedicure doesn’t sound like a bad idea. I don’t hate that. It’s not a financial option this month but perhaps I can make it a future goal. My friend Tiffany would tell you I need to get my hair cut and I keep putting that off, too. And I will admit that one of the non-financial reasons I don’t get around to these things is not feeling like I deserve them. So, they probably really should be on my new goals lists.


      1. One more thing that I keep forgetting. For sleeping, have you ever tried listening to droning voices to get to and/or stay asleep? It may sound crazy but for yrs I’ve listened to the radio during the night to help me sleep. In my area I have a great selection of boring blah-blah-blah talk radio stations, but sometimes I also listen to books on “tape” — usually CDs these days. Maybe your library has something nifty like mine: it’s a book on “tape” called a Playaway, a little device that runs on a AAA battery. You just add cheap earphones and you let the book drone you to sleep. It’s of course important to pick something that won’t be interesting! Over and out for the night…


        1. You are so going to hate me. Yes, I totally agree with the droning voice theory. I listen to books on tape (on my Zune) or sometimes podcasts – Christopher Kimball often puts me to sleep. Sometimes music. I even play a movie now and then. Different things work different nights and I think that has to do with internal rhythms. Part of the reason I want to get a tablet is to stream movies while I sleep. Fortunately, I no longer need earbuds since I live alone and I got a great price on a Zune dock that works with my little tiny speakers. My stupidity has been that I will read “for a little while” and the longer I lay there awake, the more likely the pain will get out of control. Odd, all I have to do is open my book if I lay down during the day and I’m asleep. At night it wakes me up. So, don’t do that Zaz!


        2. Ha! You’re so ahead of me on everything! But I’m not giving up. My next lame suggestion might involve you calling me on the phone and talking through the desire to eat. But then you’d disturb MY sleep and then I’d probably compensate by getting up and eating toasted cheese sandwiches at 4 AM (which sounds heavenly BTW) so never mind (for now).

          Yeah, let’s go with “So, don’t do that Zaz!”


  7. I find Christopher and Banks or CJ Banks is my go-to for clothes that consistently fit well on a little fluffier frame and are reasonable since they always have coupons/sales of some sort. Returns have been incredibly easy there too. I’ve grown to like some long skirts for comfort and dressing up or down.


    1. I used to shop there in Rapid City but down here, they seem to have a smaller size range. I haven’t checked their website, though, so maybe I’ll find something there. I’m really having trouble finding anything I actually love. Stuff I can tolerate, sure…. but if I’m going to spend the money I’d like to really love it.


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