midway through #lmwlchallenge week 3

This week is full of challenges that aren’t really challenges at all. Well, tomorrow – pay attention to why you’re eating – is a good challenge for me. During the day I’m mostly eating when I’m hungry or because I need to eat at certain times for the diabetes. Then, late in the evening or overnight? Why I’m eating is not so clear. I’ll say it again, if I could just fix that time of day, 90% of my eating issues would be resolved.

Anyway, Monday – put your fork down between bites. I try to do that anyway. I like to chew my food and putting the fork down, waiting until I’ve chewed my food and swallowed before taking another bite – well, that just makes sense, yes?

Tuesday – Say No. Specifically, say no to one of the many requests that you do something, go somewhere, whatever. It’s true, many people have a hard time saying No. Not me! I’ve preached saying No for at least 20 years. You can’t be good for anyone else if you’re not taking care of yourself.

Wednesday – Forgive Someone. Also not a problem. I actually talk about “letting go” rather than forgiveness since forgiveness tends to be emotionally charged. We tend to feel like we’re saying that something that someone did that hurt us was “okay” if we “forgive” them. I’m more in favor of letting go of the hurt or anger. Holding on to hurt and anger only hurts you. Doesn’t mean, to me, that whatever happened was okay, just that I’m not going to obsess about it.

Thursday – that’s pay attention to why you’re eating day. That will take some attention and work.

Friday – Write a List of Fun Things You Want To Do and Put The List On Your Fridge. The thing here is what you can do instead of eat when you’re not hungry. The one that would pay me to figure out is the eating in the middle of the night when I’m hurting and can’t sleep.

Which is what Saturday is – Do something else instead of eating. Maybe we’ll come up with a new idea this week. Suggestions for dealing with that late night stuff are more than welcome.

Sunday, by the way, is go to a museum. Yeah, right. I love museums, I really do. Not so much our local “museum.” If I were still in Kansas City I’d be running to the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Modern Art. Or the Natural History Museum. Down here? I’m not driving that far. Consider Sunday’s challenge as my Saying No from Tuesday.


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  1. I love that bit about “letting go” rather than forgiveness. I don’t go for forgiveness either, for the same reasons you said – “it’s not OK to do what you did.” But I do like the idea of letting go. It’s what I try to do, and now having a name for it will make it easier. Things to do in the middle of the night: that Code Academy course you were talking about – is it online? Could you sign up to that and study in the night when you can’t sleep? Or some other course to grab your attention away from eating? I’m finding studying to be quite addictive now I’ve got into it in a bigger way. Good luck, looking forward to hearing how these things pan out.


    1. It’s not a bad idea, I think the different modules should be fairly short to do. The problem I have in the middle of the night is that I don’t want to do anything that wakes me up too much. Once the pain is under decent control again, I’m trying to sleep again. That can take anywhere from a few minutes to an hour. I sometimes think that chores would be a good idea – there’s no one here to disturb – but I figure they’d either wake me up further or make me hurt more. Not sure where my thinking ability is at night, but I will definitely put Code Academy on my list and give it a try.


  2. Letting go is good because it’s under our control. It takes me time to get to that point and I’m getting there now with my husband’s family. They don’t feel like family to me anymore. I’m not very good at saying no. I’m better at making excuses. 🙂


    1. I’m glad for you that you’re getting there with Patt’s family. They really aren’t worth your angst.

      If you want to, try this exercise for saying no. Just say No. No excuses. No avoidance. Just calmly say No. It can be really empowering. Plus, people who are used to you always saying Yes will stare with their mouths open. That’s fun!


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