my life is so weird

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Anyway, today was a visit Dad day. I can’t remember if I told you that Dad thinks one of the ladies on his hall is Mom. It’s kind of a pity that Mom is on another hall but she requires more care and he requires more security. He has pointed out more than one lady as Mom but apparently he has now fixated on one.

I took him dinner today and for a change he was eating in the dining room. He pointed out Eleanor at another table and I said that she looked a lot like Mom (she didn’t) and he laughed and told me that she looked like Mom because she is Mom. Well, there’s no use arguing and if it makes him happy, what’s the harm? Dad kind of shook his head sadly and told me that she doesn’t recognize him anymore. Well, I thought, there’s a good reason for that.

After dinner, Eleanor came…. well near. I’m not sure whether she was walking by or intentionally coming to see Dad. He took her hand and called her Sweet Pea. Oh, and pointed me out, “Looks who’s here! Do you know who that is?” Well, how could she? I introduced myself and Dad insisted that I was her daughter. Poor Eleanor just looked confused. But he also insisted that she hug me and I introduced myself again and told her it was nice to meet her. To make it just a little more strange, she apparently has a son with the same name as one of my brothers.

Ah, okay, I’m fine. I’m not arguing, I’m trying to keep everyone happy. And then they smooched. And it was so weird. I don’t have a real problem with this. He doesn’t know it’s not Mom and poor Mom isn’t sure who he is anymore. And I did check with the aide, Eleanor is just as confused as he is and it doesn’t seem to be causing harm to her either, he’s not molesting her. It’s just weird. It looked so much like Mom and Dad smooching – you know, not a passionate kiss, a cute little smoochie.

Weird, weird, weird.


2 thoughts on “my life is so weird”

    1. It’s weird, it’s kind of funny – it doesn’t make me cry. When we first had to place Mom in the nursing home, I sat out in the parking lot and cried every time I visited her. My major feeling with Dad is relief. The sad part to me is just how fast he is going downhill. It was 4 weeks between visits this time due to some health issues of my own and he has absolutely no idea that I didn’t visit just the day before. I suppose that takes some pressure off of me but I feel guilty, too. I put a lot more effort into getting there for Mom than I am doing for Dad.


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