#lmwlchallenge days 10 & 11

I switched days 10 and 11 around since I was going out yesterday. It just made more sense to me.

So yesterday, I put on more makeup than I have been wearing this summer. Not that much more, really, since I prefer a fairly natural look. But I did the eye liner and such that I’ve just more or less dropped during the heat. And I put on some slightly flashier earrings than I’ve been wearing. Actually, I’ve been on an earring break the past few weeks but normally, I wear silver studs or small hoops so I put on my lapis lazuli bear fetish earrings. They dangle. Oh, and I wore my caffeinated lip balm. That is so sexy.

And I didn’t feel a bit different. I should have worn my new white tennies. Now that’s something that makes me feel special. Seriously. I never feel happier, at least as far as clothing goes, than when I have new white sneakers. I think the lesson here is find what works for you. Is there something that makes you feel special and more confident? Do more of that. I don’t think you need to live up to someone else’s opinion. Style is and should be individual.

On to the video today. Let’s do something different and focus on the things I agree with and not so much the stuff that annoys me. I had to watch it twice because the first time I around I was caught up in how “actually” everything is “so important!”

Sometimes we have artificial deadlines – like an upcoming wedding or reunion (or doctor’s appointment) that triggers us to think we need to lose a certain amount of weight really quickly. We all know that doesn’t work. Okay, maybe you can lose a quick 10 pounds but chances are you’re going to be miserable doing it and you’re not going to keep it off, so why do it? So, we need to ask ourselves why we want to lose this fast weight. Do we want to feel more confident? Are we afraid of what others will think? Probably it’s a better idea to address those things than to do the crash diet.

*people who love you don’t care what you look like

*quick fix diets set you up for failure

*you are the only one who knows what is best for your body

*giving up foods you love sets you up to binge

Doing more, having fun, learning to be more confident – will probably go a long way toward getting the life we want and even losing weight. I get that. We spend a lot of time getting in our own way, setting ourselves up to fail. I think it’s a little more complex for a lot of us than trying to talk to people in grocery stores, but the concept is sound.

And I am just going to stop there. No use going over the same annoyances.


6 thoughts on “#lmwlchallenge days 10 & 11”

  1. I think it is a lot more complex for some of us both in terms of weight and eating themselves but also in terms of the “fixes”. i’m not sure I even think the concept itself is sound – perhaps in a bigger context but not a one solution – people are way more complex than that. but that is just my opinion which I think differs from hers.

    and I do agree w/ you about doing what makes you feel better and more confident is the key – and that doesn’t have to be makeup or what you have on – as you say it is different for all.


    1. I think a better way of putting it is that doing more, developing confidence or whatever else you need is a part of an overall plan. There may even be a set of people with fairly specific traits and issues who would benefit from her plan exactly as she describes it. I don’t think I’m one of them. I keep trying to imagine who her typical client is and I’m guessing it’s not someone with more, um, complex issues.

      Have you noticed that she keeps saying there is no diet in her plan then hints at a diet plan?


  2. Caffeinated lip balm?? I’ve never heard of such a thing! Whatever makes you feel special and confident is what you need to do. In my case, it’s often just wearing whatever I want and not worrying about how I look. If I feel comfortable, I can talk to people easier.


    1. The caffeinated lip balm was an add-on item on an order I made with Sephora a few years ago. It was cheaper to toss in an inexpensive (yet silly) item to get the free shipping than to pay for the shipping. It’s okay but I’m not sure the caffeine does anything of benefit.

      The confidence thing is interesting. I don’t think it’s necessarily a bad thing to feel more confident wearing lipstick or certain clothes or whatever, but it’s the polar opposite of what I think of as the goal of being more confident. On the one hand, we’re saying be more confident in your body, don’t not-do-things that you want to do because you fear what people think of how you look. For example, go dancing if you want to go dancing. On the other, Sarah is saying that it’s “so important” to dress up and wear lipstick and so forth in order to be more confident.

      I agree with you, I think I feel more comfortable around people when I’m wearing something I feel comfortable in – and I feel more comfortable in my usual comfy jeans and loose tee than “dressed up.” Not that I don’t like to dress up in appropriate circumstances but going to the grocery store is not a dressy occasion for me. In fact, the whole idea that there’s something wrong if I just wear sweats to run down to Local Grocery seems to be counter to this whole be confident in yourself goal we keep talking about.


  3. Let us speak of lip balm for many hours. I LOVE lip balm. I have a huge collection of them. When I see one, I want to buy it, even if I already have that one. I have them stashed all over the place. 99% of them do not have any colour or sparkle or tint or anything like that in them. Probably 10% of them have sunscreen. I have one which is dark chocolate and mint flavoured.

    But until now, I did not know you could get caffeinated ones. I will keep an eye out for that when I visit Sephora in November. I could go on about lip balm for 1800 more paragraphs, but I will not do that to you. 😉

    I am with you on the white sneakers. I went through a phase of them a few years ago, until I discovered Skechers, and I now have a hot pink pair, and a purple and teal pair, and I am planning on investigating some rainbow ones when I visit the US in November.

    Dressed up for me is not the same as dressed up for other people, because I have found that eccentric style of my own. And I can do dressed up in sweats – in fact, most of my work trousers are exactly that – sweat pants – but you would never know to look at them, unless you looked very closely at the tops of them, they look like fancy black pants. My tops will generally involve sequins or sparkle, but they are mostly sportswear from Macys.

    Here where I live, there are not a lot of places to shop. So if you buy something locally, chances are, someone you know is going to show up wearing the exact same thing. This is why I am flying to Hawaii for a shopping spree of epic proportions. 🙂

    I never wear makeup. The most I’ll do is lip balm and moisturiser. 🙂


    1. Ah, lip balm. I’m not as big a collector as you but I probably have half a dozen or so types scattered around. The caffeinated one is by Bare Escentuals and wouldn’t be on my recommended list. If you haven’t tried it, Sugar, by Fresh is my favorite. I can’t splurge on it too often but it’s often on sale in December with the added incentive of free sample sizes. It seems to last me a long time.

      I’m considering blinging up my sneakers. I really like one brand and style (woe be them if they stop making them) for arch support and anti-ankle turn technology. I could bling up my old pair which are getting hard to make look clean anymore.

      I love yoga pants and I have a box of smaller sized yoga pants that I haven’t gotten rid of. All I need is to lose the weight again.


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