#lmwlchallenge day 4 – eat without distractions

I’ve been dreading this challenge. I have done it before and I already know I loathe it. Before I wrote this, I was cruising the facebook comments on this challenge and many people had breakfast or lunch with other people. Why is visiting with someone else while eating not a distraction? I live alone and not having something going on in the background while eating is torture.

I’m going to do it today but truthfully, even without something to watch or read or do, I’m still distracted by my thoughts. My goal is to learn today and to come up with some ways of being less distracted and paying attention to what I’m eating.

I don’t eat breakfast usually – I have coffee and that doesn’t count. I still haven’t finished my coffee. 🙂

Lunch was a sandwich on the pretzel bread I baked yesterday. The buns were pretty good but not quite right. I’m going to try some other recipes and see if I can correct what didn’t quite work right for me.

pretzel bun

I learned that I am usually doing not one, but two or three things while eating. In fact, if I’m not asleep I’m doing two or three things. They may be sedentary things – reading, watching a show, playing a game, working on the computer – but I have more than one thing going on at a time.

So the first thing I could do to decrease distractions is to do one thing. To watch a program I want to see, for example, but not surfing the web, playing a game, answering emails, etc., at the same time. Having a video on should not prevent me from slowing down, putting my fork down between bites, paying attention to how full I feel, and enjoying the meal. It’s being more conscious. No distractions found me eating faster to get it over with and not enjoying my meal at all.

ALKD made a really good point about being more aware while preparing food. “I can be fully present in choosing my food & figuring out how much I’ll need.”

I used to be much better at that and it’s really important when it comes to portioning. It’s not restrictive, as she pointed out, because if you eat the reasonable portion and find you’re still hungry, you can choose to eat a little more. I need to get back to being more present in my portioning.

braised pork bites

Braised pork bites with mango bbq and candied jalapenos. If mango-jalapeno jam doesn’t work, turn it into bbq sauce!

I think when you come down to it, if I didn’t snack at night – and particularly if I didn’t eat in the middle of the night when I am hurting and can’t sleep – I really wouldn’t have a problem. I could portion better at meals but it’s the snacking that kills me. So perhaps the most important thing I can work on changing is being aware and present about snacks and grazing.

Although, I feel pretty aware and present in the middle of the night but I don’t care. I’m tired, I’m grumpy and I sit there and watch myself making bad choices.


2 thoughts on “#lmwlchallenge day 4 – eat without distractions”

  1. I’ve gotten in some bad eating habits without my husband to cook for and really lazy about shopping for /preparing food. How many more times can I eat cheese and crackers and some pasta salad for dinner?


    1. That’s why my goal this summer has been to cook more. If I’m actually cooking I’m mostly eating healthier. Unless I’m cooking cake.


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