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Fad diets will seem even crazier after you see this

Interesting post on NPR’s The Salt blog and apropos given the ongoing discussion of eating and diets or no diets here at Chez Zaz. Fascinating and validating that they quoted someone who is saying exactly what I’ve said for years –

Pagoto and Appelhans argue that our obsession with macronutrients — carbs and fat, among them — misses the point that the best diet is the one you actually stick with. And no diet, they argue, can truly be effective without an overhaul in lifestyle as well.

Also interesting, two opposing views –

Pagoto notes that multiple studies have compared diets that vary by how many carbs, protein grams and fat grams they require you to eat. “A lot of times, it’s a draw: No diet is better than the other,” she says in a video press release. “When a diet does outdo another diet in terms of weight loss, it’s by a very small amount.”

(Not all obesity researchers would agree. As we’ve reported, one study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association in 2012 found that a low-carb diet was a clear winner over a low-fat diet and low-glycemic diet.)

It’s the real, genuine lifestyle change that’s the problem. I’m making small changes but I’m not there yet. Maybe the key is getting out and doing more like the LMWL challenge advocates. Well, maybe? Doing more is definitely a part of the whole picture.

Oh, and click through to the link. The photo representations of certain fad diets is incredible.


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  1. I don’t believe in diets (especially fad ones), but I’ve never really been overweight. I’ve gained about 10 pounds that I would like to lose, but not enough to work at it. I’m very interested in the link and will check it out.


    1. I don’t believe in diets either – though I’m afraid I don’t know how it’s possible to lose the weight without them. I mean, I’m familiar with the idea of listening to my body and I have a bunch of books on the topic, all of which have similar messages and I don’t do it. That’s what I need – I need someone to help me actually do those things.

      Books to read for anyone interested.

      Overcoming Overeating
      Fat is a Feminist Issue
      Intuitive Eating
      Life without Ed
      Anything by Geneen Roth


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