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We are counting down the days to the beginning of the Live More, Weigh Less challenge. I’m getting excited. I’m hoping for a new perspective and to get kind of a jump start. It’s so easy to get into a rut with life and food and everything else. I think mixing things up a bit, trying things outside my comfort zone, might be both fun and useful. So I’m looking forward to what is coming and despite some reservations and fears about not being physically capable of all the challenges, I plan to jump into it as fully as I can.

The cats have a new perspective this week. Zoe is apparently looking forward to switching from light hairball control food to regular hairball control food. She opened the bag for herself and was a little pissy that I put it away. They have more light food to eat before I switch them. I’m switching since Zoe still throws up a lot and they both have hard little poops. They’re both short haired cats but neither is willing to be brushed or combed. I’ve had them eating light since Kitty is fat. Ah well, we’ll see if this makes a difference.

I ran out of treats, other than hairball treats. But I still have a bunch of, I think, Meow Mix, that I bought for the raccoons. It seems that Meow Mix is potato chips for cats. They get way more excited over a couple pieces of cheap cat food than the expensive treats. It’s not like they get a lot of treats so why not? Zoe is more excited by this kitty crack than she is by laxatone. She’s the only cat I’ve had that thinks hairball gel is a great treat. Kitty won’t touch it which is why we keep trying different hairball treats.

It’s been a tough week for me as far as pain goes. Make that a tough couple weeks. My left knee has felt loose and weak and my hip is making sleep so hard. I think I need someone to stand over me and make me do the knee and leg exercises. It’s not like they’re hard or even take that long. And I know from my right leg that the exercises will help. Why is it that we know what we need to do and just don’t do it? I think I will make it an extra daily challenge for September.


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  1. Zaz, my mother has very painful arthritis in her hip and recently started using a 4-inch memory foam pad on top of her bit-too-firm mattress. It made a huge difference for her. She can even sleep on her side again. We ordered it from I think the 2-inch one would have been fine, too. She had to buy new ‘deep pocket’ fitted sheets because it raised her top mattress height.


    1. It helps but apparently not enough. Or maybe I need a new one. It’s held up surprisingly well actually. I figured it would just go squish and that would be the end of it.


    1. You’re right about the routine Margaret. But you know something – I know people, like you I think, who run and tell me that they hate to skip even one day. They say it takes 21 days (and it’s more like 6 weeks) to develop a new habit but I have never managed to get exercise into that ‘if I don’t do it I miss it’ category. It does get to be more of a habit but if I’m even sick for a few days, it’s gone.

      Cats are totally weird. Zoe is sitting here next to me being weird right now.


      1. I don’t like to skip a day that’s true and still go even if I’ve mowed the lawn or gone for a walk. It helps me get my thoughts in order and I have some very creative ideas while running. It opens up part of my brain that must not get used very much. 😉


  2. this line really got to me ….

    Why is it that we know what we need to do and just don’t do it?

    why is? why is it so hard? laziness? demons and voices from the past? why? if you have any insight or come up with some insight in how to press through I would greatly appreciate your sharing it if you wish.


    1. I wish I knew jacquie. I can stand outside myself and watch myself doing something stupid and still not stop. The only thing that has ever worked for me is just forcing myself through it, but once I lapse….. it’s starting all over again and with less motivation.


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