I was moving carefully yesterday as my left knee had flared up again. It feels loose, which is likely the tendonitis. Or perhaps not. That sore area above and to the left becomes less sore when the knee settles back “in.” Why don’t you go see Dr. Knee Guy, you ask. Because it’s pointless, I reply. I need to lose the weight, to do the knee exercises. There’s nothing he can do except maybe make me wear a brace. I have a neoprene brace but oh how I hate it as it sticks to my leg and a bear to get back off.

Aside: I should not read Philosopher Mouse before writing here. I find that I want to use the Royal We. A Lot.

But yesterday was also designated Play With the New Steam Cleaner day. Cleaning is not something I love but new toys help, for a while. It took a little longer than I thought it would but that was probably a factor of doing things in stages. The steam cleaner broke up some of the 30 years of mineral formation on the kitchen faucet. I wish it had done more and I tried wrapping the area in a limeaway soaked paper towel and letting it sit for a good long while, then coming back and beating on it with the steam brush again, but no better. Overall, I think the cleaner did a good job at many things. Some of my kitchen cleaning issues have to do with difficulty standing for long periods. The steamer did a good job breaking up grease in hard to reach places and easily cleaned the gunk out of those wretched scalloped Z “decorations” on the cupboard doors. And the long handled wand thingie did a nice job of loosening the stuff that accumulates to the back of the toe kick, particularly the corner by the stove which even the long handled bendy duster can’t seem to clear out. (Who thought up the idea of toe kicks? All they seem to do is gather crumbs where no broom or mop or sweeper can reach them.)

I am looking forward to using it on the bathroom – that area behind and beside the commode which is hard to reach and harder to clean. It seems unlikely that it will do much for the ancient marbleized plastic sink, but perhaps. And although we now have a high sided litter box which prevents the throwing of litter into the shower, the cleaning of that tiled edge has not been entirely successful. I have hopes for the steamer with little brush for getting the rest off.

Which will not happen today. Today’s goals include the pharmacy and post office (the All-Clad pan has arrived there – as has the cat food but some of us are more interested in the pan). I could live without stopping at the grocery – I have what I need to make shrimp lo mein and pot roast which will easily carry me over the weekend. However, I roasted a small batch of my Hatch chiles yesterday and am inspired to make green chili. Well, actually carne adovada which will turn into green chili and green chile enchiladas and a couple other things. It will depend on whether local store has pork shoulder – or perhaps country style ribs – and whether that is worth the bother of an extra stop, I’m not sure.

Bother, you ask. That seems a little lazy even for Zaz. Well, here’s the story.

While cleaning and roasting chiles, I went to sit on my kitchen stool and I’m not sure how I did it, but the stool tipped and ended up crossways under my legs with the rest of me on the floor. No, I didn’t seriously hurt myself. I just jarred everything and fortunately didn’t smash my head against anything. But I re-tweaked the knee that was just settling back “in” and bruised the corresponding hip. And oh, twisted everything.

On the plus side, my time on the floor gave me the opportunity to see that I had not gotten all the crud out from that corner by the stove and since I slid across the kitchen floor to the carpet before I did my beached whale act to get back up, I noticed that the stupid metal thing that transitions the carpet to the cheap kitchen vinyl floor still had trapped crumbs and cat food. The floor was otherwise nice and clean, or as good as it gets. Did I mention that I also bought a steamer mop a while ago? It shocks me that though I clean the floor and do my best to sweep out under the toe kick, when I use the steamer mop the mop head always ends up black. The floor looks clean, but the steamer tells a different story. At any rate, slid over to the carpet as the artificial knee cannot kneel and the arthritic knee does not enjoy it much either.

So there’s more cleaning to do. My clumsiness may delay it a day or so.

4 thoughts on “clumsy”

  1. I’m glad that you are ok after landing on the floor. I find that when I do yoga and end up on the floor I always see some sort of dirt in a place that I could swear is clean. Totally different perspective down there, eh?

    Your cooking plans for the weekend sound ambitious and delicious. Hope your knee allows you to carry on.


    1. It’s amazing what you can see from down there. It’s not a perspective I see all that often since getting on and off the floor is really hard with my knees. One of my projects is going to be to sort out all the crap in the cabinets and re-organize as well as toss the stuff I don’t use. ( and then within a week I will need it ) I really could use someone to crawl into the lower cabinets. Of course, stuff I don’t use could go in the back where I can’t reach it anyway.

      I am very stiff and achy today. Hope that tomorrow it will improve.


  2. Love your dinner plans! I’m hoping that Ashley(who is coming back tonight) will cook me some dinners. She’s my foodie. :)Falls are scary; I’m so glad you’re OK, but it still terrifies me. TOO much cleaning!! I didn’t get as much done this summer as I wanted to.


    1. I hope Ashley has gotten home safely. Maybe we can share recipes!

      Falls are very scary for me. It’s unlikely that I would manage to do as much damage as I did before, but a friend of mine came home for lunch last week and found her brother dead in the hallway. Sudden heart attack with no warning signs. Living alone and isolated, I have a bit of a fear that I could be hurt or die and no one would know for weeks. Oddly enough, it would probably be my friend in Australia who would raise the alarm.


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