countdown to no more igoogle update

I have tried a bunch of igoogle alternatives – and maybe there will be more and better choices before igoogle disappears, but honestly, without having my RSS feed on the page, the rest of the stuff feels kind of useless. I have mostly been checking feedly, twitter, facebook, my calendar, mail and calendar separately. I miss igoogle, but it seems that what I really want is my RSS feed on my homepage.

On the plus side, ighome has added a feedly app. I’ve only just installed it tonight but perhaps it will make the homepage concept useful for me again.

Has anyone else found something they like?


3 thoughts on “countdown to no more igoogle update”

  1. I’ve been avoiding the whole topic. Google seems to NOT have my best interest at heart anymore. First reader is gone… and now with this impending change, I’m lost. I may just use Yahoo! News as my homepage and forget about the personalization that Google gave me.


    1. I don’t like msn or yahoo or centurylink homepages. I may be going with the no homepage option. The feedly app sucks, by the way. I suppose I could make it work by switching to the list view but I like the view I’m using now.

      And google is starting to annoy me. Not only are they deleting things I like and found useful, they tried to insert ads directly into my email. That has gone away, for now at least. Don’t know what I’d switch to if they mess up gmail.


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