15 minutes

Y’all know that I use Flickr to host most of my pictures, mostly for the ease of sharing. Stasia has become (a little) famous this week. A blog called unimpressed cats splashed one of her photos and she’s gotten 1800 views in the last few days. Weird. Still, I’ve always thought she was darn cute with her favorite treat. Stasia now has far, far more views than any other photo I’ve ever posted.

stasia and fudgesicle


9 thoughts on “15 minutes”

    1. I think that’s the site’s meter. My flickr meter says 1836 which is still twice the views of it’s closest competitor. The same photo never made the front page of Cheezeburger – these folks clearly have better taste! LOL


    1. Actually, I always liked this one best. (I never posted it uncaptioned on flickr before). Crazy eyes plus fangs!


    1. Well, her 15 minutes are winding down. It was a late night amusement for me – and I’m sure Stasia would have thought it was well deserved.


  1. p.s., I switched to the Flickr free account today and I no longer have stats – so I’ll never know whether Zoe or Kitty get their 15 minutes of fame. Woe is me.


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