jardin d’herbes

It was a difficult spring, now it is a hot summer. I decided to make my herb garden an inside garden – which I hope will provide me with fresh herbs all winter. Other advantages include not having to be out watering the pots twice per day with the heat sucking up all the water, and no bugs.

Speaking of bugs, by the way, I took a dvd out of the non-functional dvd player Dad bought long ago on ebay. There’s another ebay dvd player tucked in the closet and maybe someday I’ll try hooking it up. But anyway, the dvd had some kind of egg sac on it and webby stuff stuck to it. Spider living inside the dead dvd player? Is that why it’s dead?

Back to the herbs, I’ve got thyme, boxwood basil, traditional basil and sage planted. I have a knob of ginger, which is supposed to be easy to grow, currently soaking in water. I hope to dig up the oregano from outside but if that doesn’t work, I’ll plant some from seed. Also chives. I need to get grow-light bulbs. Where I have it gets a little more light in the winter and I suppose I could move them to the floor by the sliding glass door but I rather like having them up where it’ll be easy for me to cut some fresh herbs for cooking.


boxwood basil



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    1. I’ve overwintered herbs inside before but not attempted to make them totally indoor plants. They’re always telling you to grow a few on your windowsill so I don’t see why they wouldn’t work, if I can work out the light issue. Winter sun is much better for the windows down here.


  1. The herbs do look great! I’ve never tried to grow them because I’m very picky about the ones I like. (and I’m never sure of the names of the ones I hate…until I get a dish with one of them in it) 🙂


    1. Don’t much care of rosemary or tarragon – which I learned through gardening mishaps. Though rosemary is pretty and I don’t mind a little of it. I’d like to find a dill plant that doesn’t turn giant and weedy.


      1. One of them (to me) tastes like dirty mold. But I can never remember which one. I know I don’t care for rosemary; it was on some triscuits that my daughter bought and it was NASTY.


        1. I don’t mind a little rosemary, but recipes where it’s the predominant flavor I don’t like at all. I wonder if it’s cilantro you don’t like. A lot of people think it tastes soapy or moldy.


  2. We have bucket loads of mint in the garden but the only herb I can grow indoors is basil, and then only in the summer. I love basil and mint, so I’m glad these are the two which seem to thrive the most. Your basil looks quite different from mine.


    1. The mint pretty much took over the garden last year after it got whacked. Then the new lawn guy whacked it this year. I can never decide what to use it in other than a couple things.

      The basil is boxwood basil which I found last year, it’s kind of a miniature basil. I didn’t get a chance to use it because it died in the heat after the great whacking but it smells very pungent. You can see a bit of the traditional basil in the right side of the pic. I’m hedging my bets 🙂 I didn’t used to like basil – but I’d never had it fresh. Fresh is so very different from the dried stuff!


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